Your General Weekly Astrology Forecast February 16

19th – New Super Moon in Aquarius – Chinese New Year of the Goat

19th – Sun enters Pisces – 6 planet stellium in Pisces.

20th – Moon/Venus/Mars enter Aries

22nd – Conjunction of Venus and Mars (A rare occurrence where they will be about half a degree away for each other in the night sky)

  • Want love? Become love!
  • Creativity, harmony and cooperation become themes
  • Relate on a soul level

Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Wood or Green Goat – ushered in by the second new Super Moon in Aquarius we have seen in the past month. This phenomenon is known as a ‘Black’ Moon – but don’t be fooled by the name. There is nothing sinister about it. This Goat is not only highly creative and seeking cooperation and harmony but could well be the initiator of peace accords on a collective level since this occurs the same day as the Sun enters Pisces – bringing the total number of planets in here to six on this day making this a most auspicious beginning to the start of Pisces birthday season.

This incredible planetary line-up which could well have us all focussed on all things spiritual quickly begins to disperse however as the following day the Moon, Venus and Mars all leave Pisces at different times and enter fiery and heart-starting Aries.  Now, something very rare and special occurs just two days later on the 20th when Venus and Mars will be conjunct in Aries – and bear in mind this is Mars’s ruling sign. For all you amateur astronomers out there – if we have clear skies the two planets will be half a degree apart from one another in the night sky and will literally look to be embracing. The symbolism of the astral love intertwined really has special significance for all of us ‘As above, so below’. Love is the answer and the great thing here is we could finally figure out what the question was too. It’s all about balance and harmony as echoed by that Wood Goat. When our inner male and female are balanced just like the Yin and the Yang, then we are living our lives in harmony. At that point it doesn’t matter if we’re coupled up or not but obviously what is referred to as the Sacred Marriage within gets reflected in our outer relationships. It’s all about relating on a soul level now – with yourself first. Peace and love really do begin within and if we start there we may just see the promise of this week’s incredible heavenly lie-up manifest in our outer world. Take action and be the love you want in your life. Get ready to feel the love now.