Your General Monthly Astrology Forecast for March

5th – Full Moon in Virgo (Full Worm, Crow, Crust or Sap Moon)

13th – Mercury enters Pisces

14th – Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius

17th – Venus enters Taurus

20th – New Super Moon in Pisces

20th – Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces

20th – Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox

31st – Mercury enters Aries

31st – Mars enters Taurus

  • Actions taken now lead to a new path
  • Freedom vs. structure – are they mutually exclusive?
  • True wealth lies within

Don’t get tripped up by neglecting the details and especially when applied to health (including emotional health) matters at the start of March as the full Moon appears in Virgo on the 5th. Being slapdash, taking your wellbeing for granted, neglecting your daily responsibilities – if you are guilty of any of these then you will find yourself (and the inevitable results) exposed. Those of you with animal soul companions should also look to their wellbeing while some of you may see a work project or plan each a critical stage now. Look at what comes to a stage or completion or alternatively, if you face a crisis or two at work or around energy or health issues, then this full Moon should show you the areas where you need to course-correct. You will be able to apply your intuition to this as Mercury enters Pisces on the 13th allowing us all to open up a high-speed connection to universal wisdom. The universe is talking but it is up to us to listen. We now have the opportunity to go over soul lessons we’ve learned since the end of last year as Saturn now turns retrograde in free-wheeling Sagittarius on the 14th. Sagittarius desires freedom while Saturn demands structure. Can we have both or are they mutually exclusive? What’s going on here is that we are all being asked to look carefully at what restricts us but at the same time understand that we need to establish structure in at the very least our thinking, in order to experience true freedom. That’s the conundrum.

Venus enters her ruling sign of Taurus from the 17th and connects us to sensuality, creativity and inner values as we are asked to look at our place within the material world and to understand that these too can be spiritual experiences. The new Super Moon in Pisces on the next day awakens intuition and also the need to combine our experiences on the earthly plane with soul matters and that just because something such as soul growth cannot be seen outwardly, this does not mean it is less value than money or possessions. In fact, in the long term, it may be worth far more.

This day sees the Sun enter fiery Aries and the start of the Ram’s birthday season as well as the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Autumn one in the Southern. What actions do we need to take now?  Aries is all about individual action and what we set in motion on this day is likely to have a big impact on our future. Before the Sun has arrived in this sign, just hours before in fact, we have a new Supermoon and a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Thoughts and actions we have set in motion in the past may now meet us in the present. We may also be reminded that our thoughts and actions in the present are what create our future – whether we have been aware of this in the past or not. Pay close attention to what you are doing between now and the next eclipse as important seeds are being sown and you need to look at what you will harvest at a later date.

The month’s end sees Mercury enter Aries and the same day Aries ruling planet Mars leaves and arrives in Taurus. He’s at odds in here as this is a feminine sign ruled by Venus. Ensure that the soul lessons at the start of the month have been taken on board and keep the emphasis firmly on soul treasures rather than material possessions and money. Mars in here places the emphasis on sex rather than sensuality but he will turn up the heat when it comes to passion. After all – it is spring.