Manifest Your Heart’s Desire: The May Pentagrams

The final day of May 2015 sees a beautiful, but highly complex Double Pentagram system spin into being across the sky. It contains the unexpected, challenges but also the potential to set us all on course to fulfil our true purpose and soul potential. At its heart however is one question for all of us: do you have the courage to answer the calling of your own heart? To commit to the heart of one’s desires takes immense dedication and soul perspective – not to mention bravery. Are you prepared to answer the calling of your soul? That’s going to be the question we all face at the end of May.

Time to get serious about what we want and to know it is a part of our essential reason for being here. Your heart wants what it wants for a reason. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Very often we deny our soul’s calling and our desires and hand ourselves all kinds of excuses for doing so ranging from ‘unobtainable’ to ‘What would people think?. We bend ourselves out-of-shape and lose our true selves by doing so with the inevitable result we become more and more unhappy and this in turn can manifest in other ways – depression, addiction, loneliness, dissatisfaction and even illness. Being true to our desires then can be an essential part of our spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing and our ability to appreciate life. Attaining them in itself may not even be the goal – it is the pursuit of happiness that is sometimes the key itself. Why do you think this is stated in the Declaration of Independence as a right?

Now, with this in mind, let’s delve deeper into the Heart of the Star on the 31st. Those of you familiar with astrology will note that the Star – or Stars, are mainly formed of aspects known as Quincunxes but both contain one key trine. Quincunxes bring challenges but they contain transformational potential – if we are prepared to meet the challenge. The potential benefits are contained in the trines. Pentagrams traditionally are associated with miraculous and out-of-this world people and events. Pay close attention as Jupiter is in Leo linking us all to what drives our passion. With Chiron as part of the second Star formation on this day, there’s an opportunity to heal all those thoughts, ideas, restrictions (either imposed by others or by us) or feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy around us attaining our dreams. If those desires have been suppressed or hidden for too long, we can now heal this by first acknowledging them and then taking that step towards them.

When we look at birthcharts as an example, we say that the person to whom the chart belongs to is at its centre – and the planets are orbiting them. So, yes, the day we are born the universe really does revolve around us! Well, now take this one step forward – we are at the heart of the Star – a singularity of dreams and soul purpose just waiting to be born. Think of the points of the Star as compass points showing us the direction we can take. If we are the centre of the chart – and the chart represents not just us but our dreams, the Star then shows the direction to go in to obtain them. That is not to say there may not be challenges to be met – and the first of these can be acknowledging our dreams are an important part of us if we have suppressed or denied them for too long.

Live your dream and know that whatever it is – it is a big part of your soul make-up which demands you express it in some way. In other words – follow the star!