Weekly General Astrology Forecast May 11

12th – Mars enters Gemini

16th – Mercury/Mars conjunct in Gemini

  • Say what you need to say
  • Take action on your ideas
  • Actions can speak as loud as words

Mars may make you say what needs to be said this week when he enters Gemini and encounters Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet in here on the 16th. Mars is all about action but often he can have us acting without thinking of the consequences. While some things may need to be said it’s important to remember that once they are, we cannot take our words back.

This week could therefore act as a timely reminder of the power of our words. This is why we have sayings such as ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Words are like spells. Actions also speak louder than words and while Mercury rules ideas and how we communicate them, Mars is all about walking our talk. At his best, Mars in Gemini meeting Mercury can have us taking action on our ideas so they don’t remain just ‘so much talk’ and showing others we mean business by being prepared to back up what we are saying with the appropriate action where necessary.

However, to avoid the results of negative Mars in here, we all need to step back and mull over our words before responding. However, if you have been biting back your truth while seething in resentment over something, Mars says it’s now time to get it off your chest. John Mayer probably summed this transit up best:

Walking like a one man army

Fighting with the shadows in your head

Living out the same old moment

Knowing you’d be better off instead


If you could only say what you need to say

Some things are often better left un-said. But if something demands you say it – for the sake of your own personal power and boundaries which Mars rules, then choose your words with care, and then say what you need to say this week.