Your Weekly General Astrology Forecast May 18

astrology forecast

18th – New Moon in Taurus

19th – Mercury retrograde in Gemini

21st – Sun enters Gemini  – 3 Planet Stellium in Gemini

23rd – Saturn at Opposition to the Sun (Will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face fully illuminated by the Sun. Best time to view or photograph Saturn and its moons)

  • What does Cosmic Timing mean for you?
  • Rework the past for future relevance
  • Happy birthday, Gemini!

Time will feature this week and all of us may be aware of how it is passing – quickly for some while dragging for others – which will it be for you/ Take note now as Saturn opposes the Sun in Gemini and comes to its closest point to Earth on the 23rd. For Gemini’s whose birthday season begins this week, this could be a year where the books have to balance in some way – especially if you birthday does occur within the first seven days of your sign. Take this as a year where debts have to be repaid – whether you are owed or you owe others and this applies to what you owe or are owed on a soul and karmic level too as Saturn rules karma.

The new Moon in Taurus on the 18th is asking us to take a fresh view with regards to our values and what we value, and to realign these if necessary. Enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer – being in nature, appreciating art, music and our own creativity, enjoying good food and above all, good company. Taurus is all about being in the world and first and foremost, this new Moon is a reminder to acknowledge that the best things in life are usually free or can cost very little. Quality of life often has little to do with how much money we have. However, when we focus on being in the world rather than what we have financially, a funny thing starts to happen. Because we start to come from a place of gratitude for what we have and abundance, our bank accounts can start reflecting this. Yes, this is a time where we can re-evaluate our financial goals but this can begin just by appreciating what we can experience and enjoy right now. So, if more money and increasing your earning ability is your goal, here is where you can begin and again, it’s all about those books balancing.

Mercury who is in his ruling sign of Gemini, turns retrograde on the 19th, bringing us another round of retrograde mayhem. By now I should hardly need to remind anyone of the Retrograde Rules, but in case you are new to AK here they are (and it does no harm to have a reminder!): No buying of new technology (phones, tablets, computers), cars or appliances unless your current one breaks down irreparably. No signing of contracts or other important documents unless again, you cannot avoid it. Unless you have worked for someone in the past or approached them about work in the past, or are unemployed, again, no applying for a new job until after the retro, unless the closing date makes this impossible. No booking new travel plans unless it is unavoidable and if travelling (even on your commute) allow extra time to reach your destination as cancellations and delays can and will occur. Confirm all appointments before setting out. No launching a new business, website or blog. Generally, a Mercury retrograde is not a good time for any new initiative but it is an excellent transit under which to update, revisit or revise old plans. ‘Re’ words are your power tool here – so rewrite that CV, pitch or presentation, edit or re-work that manuscript or thesis. Review old projects or plans. That’s your power now.

Geminis may find that the next 12 months leads to a re-discovery of something they have abandoned or let go of as something from the past returns or had new relevance for them in the future. For all of us, timing plays a key role on some level. It’s either time to return to an aspect of the past – or to finally let it go for a new future this week.