Monthly General Astrology Forecast June

2nd – Full Moon in Sagittarius (Full Rose or Honey Moon)

5th – Venus enters Leo

11th – Mercury direct in Gemini

12th – Neptune retrograde in Pisces

13th – Sun/Mars exact conjunct in Gemini

15th – Saturn enters Scorpio

16th – New Moon in Gemini

21st – Sun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice

24th – Mars enters Cancer

  • Clarity replaces confusion
  • Backing up talk with action brings the results you desire
  • Happy birthday, Cancer!

Ditch the confusion this month. Restrictions falling away – because we can see clearly now will be a theme at the start of the month as we have a full Moon in expansive Sagittarius on the 2nd. This is also all about applying what you have learned to a specific situation which may come to a head around about now. Who or what restricts you on some level? Very often we project this on to an outer situation or person when the real barrier lies within.

There’s a touch a romance and glamour creeping in as Venus enters Leo from the 5th. Time to look at where we are not shining at our brightest, following our passion, having fun or where we crave recognition – either in love or in what we do. This is a fabulous transit under which to start a new love affair, create something wonderful, shine our light out into the cosmos and just surrender to pleasure – and that pleasure can be doing what we love! When it comes to barriers being lifted, clarity replacing confusion and green lights illuminating the way ahead, all of us can breathe a sign of relief as Mercury turns direct in his ruling house of Gemini on the 11th, lifting delays and barriers to communication. To add to the ability to see clearly, Neptune turns retrograde in his ruling sign of Pisces the following day – allowing us to glimpse what lies behind the veils of illusion and self-delusion we may have constructed. What is exposed now is designed to teach us and assist us in seeing the spiritual truth behind a situation. Clarity and complexity may go hand-in-hand as we discover things are not what they seem – or what we thought they were, and there is more happening on a soul level in any situation that we thought possible.

Take the initiative and communicate your intentions clearly as the Sun and Mars make an exact conjunction in Gemini on the 13th. This is the time to walk our talk and not be ‘all talk and no action’. State your intentions clearly – then follow through but take time to strategise as often Mars can see us rushing in with no thought for the consequences – use the clarity you are afforded now. Changes that have been left hanging or in abeyance could now come to their inevitable conclusion and retrograde Saturn re-enters Scorpio for the final time. This will be especially powerful for those of you born in the last few days of Scorpio or the first few days of Sagittarius. This is Saturn’s final incursion into Scorpio – once he turns direct again he will not re-visit Scorpio for 26 years. So, those changes you have been resisting now come to fruition – whether we like this or not.

New beginnings and fresh starts are to follow – especially with projects, business and communications as a new Moon appears in Gemini on the 16th – backed of course by Mercury now direct. The 21st marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and Winter in the Southern and of course, the start of the birthday season for Cancerians everywhere. With Mars in your sign shortly afterwards it’s going to be a year of self-determination and empowerment – where all Crabs direct the course of their lives instead of just being at the whim of the tides. All of us can take a leaf out of Cancer’s book now. Chart your course and commit it to as you sail through changes and on into a clear-skies future.