Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 20

23rd – Sun enters Leo

23rd – Mercury enters Leo

25th – Venus retrograde in Virgo

26th – Uranus retrograde in Aries

  • Past passions, past loves could feature
  • Fall in love with love all over again
  • Happy birthday, Leo!

Time to shine as the Sun arrives in golden and star-struck Leo as well as Mercury on the 23rd. It’s all about communicating our passion now and what fires us up. Now this can be anything from that person who makes our hearts soar to something we love to do. There may be a little bit of the superstar about all of us now and now is the time to shine and not take refuge in false modesty. We all have something we love to do that is our soul expression – whether it something we earn our living at or just a hobby. What’s yours? Get out there and do it and understand that passion is contagious on all levels. It’s the same principle that operates for singles. Have you ever noticed that the moment you are in a relationship then all these other would-be suitors crawl out of the woodwork? Where were they all when you were trudging through the singles Sahara? The answer is you have drawn them to you by your loved-up vibe. So get loved up no matter what your relationship status by doing something that you love and someone to love may just follow on from that. Above all, it’s a time to fall in love with love in its various forms all over again.

Two big retrogrades are happening this week. First Venus makes one of her extremely rare retrogrades on the 25th from Virgo. She will re-enter Leo again shortly so this may see a past lover reappear for some while others may just pick up that passion for something once again that they let lapse. This could be the return of love on some level but also this period allows us to think about what we’ve learned and lost when it comes to love. Just be aware when Venus is retrograde that this is not a good time to begin a new relationship except perhaps with ourselves and to re-kindle a passion from the past. Surprising encounters, twists and turns with that past could also feature when Uranus also heads retrograde the following day in Aries. When we are confronted with a ‘surprise’ now chances are we knew it was coming and we are in thinking mode about it rather than just reacting mode.

Leos especially may find that themes or people from the past will dominate the next 12 months as these retrogrades occur during their birthday period. Take a step back and review what happens before responding – when it comes to love or anything else this week.



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