Your General Monthly Astrology Forecast for August

2nd – Saturn direct in Scorpio

2nd – Mercury/Venus/Jupiter conjunct in Leo

7th – Mercury enters Virgo

8th – Mars enters Leo

11th – Jupiter enters Virgo

14th – New Moon in Leo

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in Leo

23rd – Sun enters Virgo

27th – Sun/Jupiter conjunct in Virgo (exact)

27th – Mercury enters Libra

29th – Full Super Moon in Pisces (Full Grain Moon)

30th – Sun/Jupiter conjunct in Virgo opposition Moon/Neptune conjunct in Pisces

31st – Venus/Mars conjunct in Leo

  • Long terms transformations are cemented
  • Be the star of your own production
  • Step into a wider dimension of living and being

Saturn moves forward in Scorpio at the start of the month and we should now have completed the process of long term transformation. This may have taken us down to the depths and many of us may have had to confront difficult and challenging circumstances – either within or without or even both. Saturn direct could well now see those of us who stayed the course rewarded in some way – if only in being set free from restrictions once he reaches Sagittarius. Meanwhile, retrograde Venus now back in Leo has her final entanglement with Mercury and Jupiter in there. What is it you are trying to reach? Fame? Fortune? A chance to shine? Romance? Passion? The fulfilment of a desire? Creative success and accolades? This meeting asks we make one final effort to grasp the prize we’re so set upon attaining.

Mercury swiftly reaches his ruling sign of Virgo on the 7th with Jupiter close on his heels on the 11th. Learning and expanding our knowledge of wellbeing, of the role our work plays in this, and in the philosophy that says ‘Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.’ When Jupiter changes signs it is important to think back 12 years to what happened then. What did you learn from that period? What opportunities did you take advantage of and what did you allow to pass you by? If you have regrets then make a decision now to choose differently this time around as you may be faced with similar opportunities and themes. Be ready as the first of these could appear on the 27th when the Sun and Jupiter have their encounter in here.

The 23rd heralds the start of Virgo’s birthday season and again, with Jupiter in here you can look forward to one of the best years in a very long time. Please do not hold yourself back in any way and reach for the stars as they are the closest they have been for 12 years! However, the action still continues in Leo for the rest of the month keeping us all focussed on what it is to take a starring role in our own lives. Step forward to meet the spotlight and be noticed as a new scene in your story is ushered in by the new Moon in Leo on the 14th. The Sun and Venus meet again on the 15th – perhaps bringing the return of a romantic interest or opportunity. Mars also entered Leo on the 8th stoking the fires of passion which now burn higher – either for someone or for something you do. You will not be content to hide in the wings but have the confidence and impetus to take that step centre stage in your life. Confidence is not false bravado now or even over-stretching your capabilities. We can all come across as capable, talented and self-motivated walking that fine line between a leader and a team player perfectly especially when Venus and Mars meet in here on the 31st.  Mercury has by now entered the sign of balance and partnerships, Libra on the 27th aiding our ability to be our own best advocates while creating cooperation and inclusion. In other words, people will want to help us, we can create the right impression both personally and professionally and others are willing to join the cast of our glittering production.

A full Super Moon appears in sensitive Pisces on the 29th, heightening intuition but giving us all the ability to back that up with facts. It will be intuition however that sets us in the right direction to discovering the truth. What we unearth could take us in a new direction entirely or open up a wider dimension of living and being as the Moon falls conjunct Pisces’s ruler Neptune the following day with both of them opposing the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. Fearlessly go on a journey of discovery now and unearth the truth about yourself and what you are capable of.



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