Your Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast July 27

Aries – 10 of Pentagrams: It’s not just about money this week although gains can be made. Enjoying the company of like-minded souls and your extended family brings emotional resonance and benefits. Pets play a role – after all – they’re family too!

Taurus – 8 of Cups: Stop looking back at the past and keep your eyes and your thoughts firmly on your future. It’s also time to look at your goals and see if they are still relevant to you. Don’t be afraid of ditching one if it no longer serves – no matter how long you have spent or how much is invested in it.

Gemini – Six of Swords: Travel may feature and even a short trip could provide big opportunities or a fresh direction. Even if you are staying put your social or professional circle could contain the seeds for a new beginning. Explore this week.

Cancer – Wheel of Fortune: Luck could be on your side now and chance meetings and encounters could remind you that being in the right place at the right time is a matter of fate. People from overseas broaden your horizons or could be set to become members of your family on one level or another!

Leo – 7 of Wands: When it comes to attaining your heart’s desire you may have to draw on your reserves of courage or be forced to take a stand this week. But if what you thought you wanted doesn’t inspire these kinds of feelings then it’s a sign it’s not really for you.

Virgo – 9 of Wands: You’re more capable and powerful than you realise and whether you are aware of it or not, a new beginning is just around the corner. Consider this a reward for refusing to compromise either on what you want or your self-esteem. Stand your ground and don’t settle for second best.

Libra – Page of Cups: A new romance or news regarding a project of creative venture reaches you. Pay attention to your dreams as they contain messages about your future. That new love could turn out to be the one you’ve been waiting for all along.

Scorpio – Knight of Wands: You may think you’re invincible this week and part of you is – but while luck is on your side, don’t push it but turning into an adrenalin junkie! News could set you off on a journey or someone who just appears larger than life may have your heart beating faster now.

Sagittarius – The High Priestess: Time to reconcile your inner male and female and to understand that there is a duality to all of life which may offer examples that are polar opposites this week. It’s all the same thing however and that’s experience. Family, especially your mother or females you live with feature.

Capricorn – The Emperor: People in positions of authority will either help or hinder you this week and much could depend on how you approach them. You could impress bosses, prospective employers or mentors but don’t be tempted to but heads with authority figures. You need them on-side, not the opposite one.

Aquarius – Six of Wands: Chances are you could be celebrating a milestone or victory this week. Just bear in mind that usually gains come with some form of responsibility. That promotion means more responsibility at work. More money means looking after your assets. Enjoy success – responsibly.

Pisces – Justice: Personal power isn’t just about getting your own way – it’s about finding solutions that achieve balance and harmony – in other words seek the win/win solution this week. Creative ventures thrive and could find a backer. Everything must blanace out now so see if you’re in cosmic credit – or deficit.


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