Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast October 12

Aries – Knight of Swords: You need to stick to your guns now when it comes to making a point or getting your ideas across. Use your present ability to communicate with precision to pitch your ideas, launch that website or blog, attend that interview, send out or finish that manuscript or make your point. The way ahead is via words this week.


Taurus – King of Swords: Time to act rationally or logically now and leave emotion out of it. Someone in a position of authority may act in a way that upsets you but it is important that you maintain a business-like façade when dealing with situations like this and leave your feelings out of it. Stay mater-of-fact and don’t be riled.


Gemini – Ace of Cups: Here comes the love now! If you’re committed then stand by for the re-igniting of passion between you. If single, that special someone could be heading your way. No matter on what level, you’re set to fall in love – even if it’s just with your own life. Time to permit yourself to enter the pleasure zone.


Cancer – Ace of Swords: Time to set aside worries about what others may think and act from a place of practicality. It’s not about turning your feelings off – but it is about backing up your ideas or what you say with the appropriate action that you instinctively know is the right one. You are not responsible for how others feel or react. Do the right thing for yourself.


Leo – Knight of Pentacles: You may receive a windfall but it’s important to have a financial plan now – and one that doesn’t involve spending extra cash on looking good as you already do that. Invest this in your future in some way. There’s more to come but the litmus test is what you do with this first. Leverage it and watch your finances slowly improve.


Virgo – The Tower: I’m fully aware of the fact that this is the card nobody wants to see in their reading. Don’t necessarily fear it as it indicates a shock or a surprise but not necessarily a disaster. Remember, The Tower cannot be shaken if it has solid foundations. If something crumbles this week take it that it was on shaky ground to begin with.


Libra – Page of Pentacles: If you’ve recently taken a chance on a new creative or business venture, you could now start to see it begin to pay off for you. There’s still a lot of work to be done before the final rewards come in, but this week shows in a tangible way, that you are on the right path.


Scorpio – 4 of Swords: You need to take a time-out, relax, recuperate and above all, get back in touch with your inner soul compass. Don’t feel you have to be constantly busy or take up every invite that comes your way – especially if your body is saying it just wants quiet time with a good book. Recharge your soul.


Sagittarius – 8 of Cups: Don’t look back or get mired in ‘The Way We Were’ kind of mindset. If you remain too focussed on the past you miss the opportunities that are all ready beckoning you towards them. Take your lessons from the past with you, but leave it behind now.


Capricorn – 5 of Wands: You could be in a competitive situation – either against rival companies in a pitch or others for that job. Perhaps others just adore throwing up comments to undermine your confidence or allow their negativity to influence you. Don’t listen to detractors, stand fast to your vision and you’ll win through.


Aquarius – King of Wands: Tap your inner entrepreneur or showman. Time to ignite fire and zeal when it comes to what you want to achieve. A man could arrive who embodies these characteristics – whether he’s a lover or a mentor you can learn a lot about confidence and the adventurous spirit from him.


Pisces – The Fool: Step into a new cycle with the open mind and wonder of a child and don’t pre-judge a person or situation and you’ll derail the potential for learning and experience. If things don’t change, they can’t improve so fulfil the potential this period offers now.


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