Weekly general astrology 12th October 2015

13th – New Moon in Libra

18th – Venus/Mars/Jupiter conjunct in Virgo

  • Restore balance
  • Seek feminine solutions instead of masculine actions
  • The Goddess is in the details

This week’s Libra new Moon marks a time of re-establishing balance in our lives. It’s important to think about where our lives may have become our-of-kilter in some way especially as we now coast towards the year’s end. Remember that imbalances include too little or nothing as well as a surfeit of something or putting all of one’s energy into one area to the exclusion of others/ What needs to be done to restore balance in your life? Time to look at this and then put into action the steps needed to redress it.

Virgo just happens to be the sign with the mostest still. The rest of us can simply look on and gaze with awe at the sky as Venus, Mars and Jupiter all begin move into orb of each other from the 18th. We will all begin to witness the spectacle as all three planets will come to within one degree of each other in the sky over the next few days. For Virgos this will represent a once-in-12-year opportunity to pursue that big dream but for the rest of us, it all depends on the house in our charts this conjunction takes place in. But likely themes that will arise for all of us will revolve around health, fitness, diet, the food chain, agriculture, travel, study, writing and publishing, travel, philosophy, long distance love, harvesting what we sow, and yes, details, details, details. With Venus involved it’s a link to the divine feminine and we can say, the Goddess is in the details now. Seek feminine solutions instead of masculine action and also, when it comes to those big dreams – commit to tending to and nurturing them. They may not bear fruit over night, but that’s not the point. The point it to pay attention to every step on the journey and see that as a goal in itself.



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