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Your Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast October 19

Aries – The World: You’ve reached a goal or completed something which has resulted in you owning your power. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Time to celebrate and appreciate all you’ve achieved. New beginnings lie ahead as you step into a new phase of being.

Taurus – Justice: Maintaining a balanced perspective may not always be easy but if you take a universal approach and focus on the big picture, you should be able to achieve this now. It’s time to think and act with your head and not your heart if you don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Gemini – Two of Cups: A new romance could be off to a flying start, an existing one deepen or someone could make you an offer that’s just too good to refuse now. The time to right to do things in tandem whether it’s a romantic connection or another kind of partnership. It’s all about significant others be they friends or lovers.

Cancer – Five of Pentacles: Only spend on what you need as opposed to what you may think you need – in other words, what you want. Conserve all your resources now and don’t waste anything – from cash to your love, that doesn’t serve your needs in the long term. There’s a difference between being thrifty and being broke. Keep your cash and heart close now.

Leo – The Sun: All your favourite themes could feature with romance, pleasure and even children (or feeling like a big kid yourself!) highlighted. You could be celebrating good news or even financial gains now. Creative and business endeavours have that Midas touch about them. Go showcase yourself and your smarts.

Virgo – Eight of Swords: Feeling restricted? Chances are you can free yourself or sidestep the problem if you just approach it from a different perspective. Once you do, you could end up kicking yourself for not taking action sooner. The universe is asking you to take a big, bold step into the unknown. Don’t hesitate. That brown stuff you’ll land in isn’t what you think. It’s chocolate.

Libra – Five of Swords: What looks to be a stab in the back or someone’s underhanded behaviour actually turns into a change for the better.  Ridding yourself of anyone who isn’t on the same wavelength as you restores your self-belief and allows the magic to flow back into your life again.

Scorpio – The Hanged Man: Having something you want is going to mean giving something up. If you’re in limbo waiting, consider letting something go – even on a mental level to get that energy flowing. Once you do this and then stop dwelling on it, it will sort itself out without any further effort required.

Sagittarius – The Chariot: The road to success contains nothing but green lights this week, Sag. Others could be taking the first step on a big journey – either literal or metaphorical. The key is to channel your energy and set your intentions. If you have a clear destination in mind, nothing should stop you reaching it now.

Capricorn – Knight of Pentacles: A venture could begin to pay off or you receive a new job offer, pay rise or opportunity to make money. This is just the first step towards something that offers not just tangible rewards but the potential to grow into something much more successful and sustaining for you.

Aquarius – Ten of Wands: Have you been talked into doing or taking on more than your fair share, Aquarius? Sure, your goal may now be in sight but you don’t want to arrive at it worn out and depleted. Look at how you can delegate and hand over something to others. Giving them more responsibility frees both you – and them.

Pisces – Four of Cups: Time for some gratitude, Pisces. You need to focus on the things you have – not the things you don’t. If something has become a little meh-meh then let it go rather than pick faults in it (or them). Gratitude for what we already have is the most powerful attractor in the universe. Apply it now.










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