Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 26

27th – Full Super Moon in Taurus (Blood Moon)

28th – Venus, Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in Virgo (Will be visible within a tight 1 degree triangle in the early morning sky, just before sunrise)

  • Get in touch with what you truly value
  • Lead with a new kind of assertiveness
  • Celebrate the power of the inner feminine

This week sees a full Moon in Taurus – which is known as the Hunters or Blood Moon – not t be confused with a total lunar eclipse blood Moon where the Earth’s shadow casts a red light on the Moon’s surface. Being an Earth sign this is very much about grounding and being a full Moon also completion or peak experiences within a cycle – the most obvious one being the seasons as the nights draw in and the weather becomes colder in the Northern hemisphere. On a more personal and individual level – this Moon puts us in touch with our values, our self-esteem – and because the Sun is in Scorpio – Taurus’s opposite sign, what makes us feel our values may be threatened in some way. Taurus is ruled by Venus so what we may now see is how some patriarchal structures are threatened by the power of the feminine – and how they have strived to disempower it as a result. Value the divine feminine is perhaps the overall message.


Of course, the full Moon may be completely overshadowed by the week’s and quite possibly the month’s totally stellar happening which is the Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. After the ‘Double Star’ moment we saw when Venus aligned with Jupiter in Leo this summer, we now have a ‘Triple Star’ in the sky just before dawn as all three plants come within a tight one degree angle of one another. Astronomers have speculated that a Venus/Jupiter conjunction may have accounted for the Star of Bethlehem – obviously the air quality 2,000 year ago meant that even some stars could be seen during the day. Others have attributed the Bethlehem star to a comet and as historically the ancient Hebrews are credited with being some of the best astrologers who ever lived, many also believe the Bethlehem star was in fact a Star of David formation. In this instance, we need to look at how ‘happy’ each planet is in Virgo. Venus in Virgo is described as being in her ‘fall’, losing some of her influence while in here. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo as Virgo is the opposite sign to its ancient ruling sign of Pisces. So, we can say Jupiter’s ability for expansion and to act as a good luck charm is going to take some work on our part to take advantage of his usual ‘good vibrations’. Mars is neither extra happy, extra influential nor weakened in Virgo so what we have here is massive potential. Mars’s energy is contained and less impulsive. In Virgo he calls on us to act strategically and with a new kind of assertiveness – a feminine assertiveness. It looks for the gentle yet determined approach and the passive leadership. He gives us the ability to go the distance and get our acts together and realise there’s no short cuts to anything that’s worth having – be it world peace, passing that exam or winning someone’s heart. Bring those dreams down to Earth and then do what needs to be done. That’s the message here. But the thing is, the prize is worth the effort – as will be the great feeling for us that comes with seeing just what we can achieve when the planets align – and we put our hearts, our souls and out actions behind them.



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