Your Monthly General Astrology Forecast for November

2nd – Mercury enters Scorpio

8th – Venus enters Libra

11th – New Moon in Scorpio

12th – Mars enters Libra

13th – Venus/Mars conjunct in Libra

17th – Sun/Mercury conjunct in Scorpio

19th – Neptune direct in Pisces

20th – Mercury enters Sagittarius

23rd – Sun enters Sagittarius

23rd – Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius

25th – Full Moon in Gemini (Frosty or Hunter’s Moon)

  • Accept the gifts that no-one can ever take from you
  • Do you believe love needs no boundaries?
  • Happy birthday, Sagittarius!

New beginnings that ask us to change on a deep level, to accept ourselves (warts and all) and to operate in our full soul power lie ahead for all of us this month prior to the Sun moving into Sagittarius on the 23rd. Mercury enters Scorpio on the 2nd and the talk and communications revolve around the deeper side of life – sex, death, taxes – what we share with others and also our fears – perhaps those which are linked to these subjects. The new Moon in here on the 11th points to us having reached some kind of acceptance of these things – perhaps just their inevitability. And then acting with a new boldness in spite of this by the third week of November when the Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio. No matter what we hear, we should now be coming from a place of increased confidence (or at least able to project that). And so, we all become the phoenix which is behind the Scorpio message.

Venus enters her ruling sign of Libra on the 8th and will get entangled with Mars in here on the 13th – a follow up from their meeting with Jupiter in Virgo last month. Here they meet in the sign of balance and partnership. Mars is in what we call his detriment in Libra because Libra is the opposite sign to Aries which he rules. So, girl power is what rules here and Venus holds sway. It’s about acting with both assertiveness and love and achieving that balance here. Mars and Venus together say it’s all about setting boundaries in love and with those we love. Are you able to do that? Do you have the confidence to do that or do you fear if you do people won’t love you any more? Paradoxically Mars respects boundaries and soon gets disinterested in someone if they have none. Take note of this and act accordingly. With Neptune about to turn direct in his ruling sign of Pisces from the 19th it is important that we all stay connected to our truth while acting through compassion. Being open is different to being a walkover – and to being so closed off or defending ourselves to the point where there is nothing worth defending any more. On a grand scale we can see this being played out with the refugee crisis. How does it play out on a soul level for you?

Hopefully you now take your new boldness and are ready to go wherever your heart dictates or wants to take you as Mercury and then the Sun arrives in expansive, adventurous and happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. There’s a more serious message going on here than what we would usually expect at the start of Sagittarius’s birthday season. It’s all about staying true to our course. Having faith in a broader vision for ourselves and knowing we will get there – provided we commit to staying the course. This journey can take us further and lead to us learning more about ourselves, what we are capable of and our world than we may have previously imaged. For Sagittarius as for all of us, it’s about putting what you learn into action and backing up your ideas with experience.

Learning more about the world, the exchanges of ideas between people, fast-moving situations, movement across borders, minds and quicksilver changes may all be heralded by this month’s full Moon in Gemini – the Hunter’s or Frosty Moon depending on which almanac you prefer. There may be a hunger that is different to what we normally associate with the full Moon – and that’s for more knowledge and above all, for more life experiences. And let’s face it – knowledge and experience are the two things nobody can ever take from you. That’s not just Sagittarius’s birthday gift – it’s the one the planets are trying to deliver to all signs this November.




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