Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 7

8th – New Super Moon in Pisces – Total Solar Eclipse

8th – Sun in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo

11th – Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces

12th – Venus enters Pisces – six planet stellium in Pisces

  • Hidden truths are revealed
  • Join the soul collective
  • There is only One – and that’s you

Mutable signs especially Pisces, all feel the focus this week but all of us will be resonating at a deeper, more spiritual level as major transits take place in the sign of the dual fishes. This week heralds a total Solar Eclipse as the new Super Moon appears and as its shadow falls something – perhaps a hidden truth, could be revealed within it for all of us to see and take note of. This can be something that has been hidden away in our own psyches on a individual level, to something that expands understanding on a collective one. There is no ‘human race’ – only a collective of souls. Embracing a bigger perspective may be part of this as the 8th also sees the Sun in Pisces oppose Jupiter in Virgo – so we can say on one level Jupiter is also ‘eclipsed’ – plus he happens to be Pisces’ ancient ruler. New truths perhaps about the nature of our universe or reality could begin to emerge as Mercury meets Neptune in here on the 11th allowing discoveries or for us to see something for the first time.

Venus also enters here on the 12th and at this point we can embrace the idea of universal love and connectivity. Our empathy can be stirred and we may see that the idea of separateness is nothing but an illusion. We are all one. Six planets are in Pisces now and this energy will peak next week. Are you ready for new discoveries? Start with the idea that there is only ONE as in Richard Bach’s book by the same name – and that’s you, and expand your thought process from there and you’ll see exactly what I mean.