Your General Monthly Astrology Forecast for March

5th – Mercury enters Pisces

5th – Mars enters Sagittarius

8th – New Super Moon in Pisces – Total Solar Eclipse

8th – Sun in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo

11th – Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces

12th – Venus enters Pisces –  six planet stellium in Pisces

14th – Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius

14th – Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius

14th – Grand Earth Trine – Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

14th March – Mutable Grand Cross: Moon in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius square Mercury, Neptune, Ceres and Chiron all conjunct in Pisces. Moon in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Virgo opposition Mercury, Neptune, Ceres and Chiron all conjunct in Pisces.

15th – Mercury in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo

16th – Pluto in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo

20th – Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox

20th – Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces

21st – Mercury enters Aries

23rd – Full Moon in Libra – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

23rd – Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries

24th – Mercury in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius

25th – Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius

25th – Venus in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo

26th – Sun in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius

30th – Mercury in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

31st – Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries

  • Happy birthday, Aries
  • Change your viewpoint, change your world
  • You are part of something more wonderful than you can possibly imagine!

Go boldly this month and explore possibilities that you may not have even imagined existed. Music in outer space could be just the first of many ‘impossible now possible’ events which stretch our souls – and our imaginations and rock our worlds and our view of the cosmos this March. Before the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, we will see a massive five planet stellium form in Pisces offering initiation into the mysteries. The line up the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Ceres all in Pisces. Our minds expand as a result of this and new ideas are entertained both on an individual and collective level.

Pisces is a Mutable sign and there is a lof of action in the Mutable houses this month telling us that the energy will be fast moving and we need to keep pace! This begins on the 5th when Mercury messenger of the Gods enters Pisces and Mars the planet of action enters Sagittarius the mutable sign of expansion, beliefs, exploration and philosophy. New ways of seeing beyond the obvious eclipse old blinkered viewpoints as the new Super Moon in Pisces reveals something that was previously hidden and the Sun in Pisces opposing Jupiter (Sagittarius’s ruling planet) shows us that there is so much more to explore and understand about our world if we just look closer.

This is heralding a time of higher love and deeper understanding as Mercury broadcasts mind-and-dimension bending news as he meets Neptune on the 11th and we may all benefit from ideas that just seem to be ‘channelled’ from an outside source. Remember what Einstein (Pisces) said: The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Our connection to this source will be strengthened when Venus enters here from the 12th – adding inspiration and that extra element of spiritual and universal love.

We are now building up some intense Mutable sign energy that is going to demand its own expression and perhaps supplant exiting ideas with new ones. How we all react to change or broadening our viewpoints determines how we use this energy as Mercury makes a challenge to Saturn in Sagittarius on the 14trh – the same day Venus also makes a tense angle to Mars. Love and freedom vs. the established order may be the issues of the day.

The Moon is fast moving and shifts from Taurus where she is part of a Grand Earth Trine between Jupiter and Pluto on the 14th asking that a more feminine and intuitive approach be applied to the established order. Transformations may occur as a result.

A few hours later however she arrives in Mutable Gemini and forms a Grand Cross. The massive four planet stellium in Pisces as part of this contains not just Mercury and Neptune but Chiron and Ceres. Chiron is calling on us to heal collective wounds via embracing the nurturing compassion Ceres embodies. We could be facing a situation where we realise we are all connected – just as we are connected to the planet. This stirs both our humanity and allows us to grow spiritually as well as we look beyond our own needs and include those of others. This is a complete reverse of the recent internet storm created by Justin Keller in San Francisco when he wrote a letter to the mayor of San Francisco complaining that wealthy people like him should not have to look at homeless people in pain and despair. A Grand Cross contains polarities as it is made from squares and oppositions. So, we could see more of the Culture of Selfishness vs. the desire to help others which comes about though a connection to something bigger ‘outside’ of ourselves. Only we as individuals can decide which one we embrace but we could change our ideas permanently as Pluto in the sign of the establishment makes a powerful and beneficial angle to Jupiter in Virgo on the 16th and seeing the world though the creative eyes of love could be the result as Venus meets Neptune in Pisces for an out-of-this-world and beyond ourselves encounter on the 20th and opens doors to new ways of viewing the world when she opposes Jupiter in Virgo on the 25th.

Spring is now with us – or autumn in the Southern hemisphere as the Sun enters Aries and brings the promise of reawakening and new growth resulting from us initiating action. For you, Aries, the universal vibe of the coming year will be high energy and peak experiences await. For more on this read your individual horoscope and watch your monthly video forecast. Mercury is hot on the heels of the Sun entering here the very next day and partnerships and achieving balance after what we have been embracing from all this exploration of spiritual and universal love come back into focus as the second eclipse of the month – this one a lunar one, occurs on the day of the full Moon in Libra.

We could be asked to consolidate what we have learned when Saturn begins his retrograde period in Sagittarius on the 25th. We all have the energy to do this and act on our beliefs and new ways of thinking as the Sun and Mercury co-join in Aries on the 23rd and first Mercury and then the Sun trines Aries’ ruler Mars also in Sagittarius on the 24th and 26th respectively, asking us to step boldly into this new reality we can create now.

The month could end on surprising results from all of this as a big shift occurs as Mercury squares Pluto on the 30th asking us to stretch and push through barriers to change and then Mercury meets Uranus also in Aries on the 31st. We may not believe the results we can achieve simply by adopting a fresh mindset or way of doing things. We can exceed our own expectations this month, if we are willing to embrace the fact that we are all a part of something greater than we can possibly imagine.