Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Pisces

Your Money Planets – Pisces

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

Many people tend to forget (and that includes some astrologers out there) that Pisces used to be ruled by Jupiter. With Pisces now under the rulership of Neptune we can often see them swimming in two directions when it comes to finances or flip-flopping about like a landed fish. Money can run through their fingers like water through a sieve then all of a sudden they are gripped by panic and the tap is suddenly turned off as they go into a cycle of self-deprivation and frugality that would make any self-respecting Capricorn envious. Mars rules their money sector and while this means that Pisceans have the ability to do whatever it takes to make money, it also means they can act hastily without thinking things through. Their ruler Neptune can also cloud the issue and Pisceans should never make major life or financial decisions if they have been drinking or are under the influence of any kind of medication – legal or otherwise.

Where Pisces excels is in their ability to intuit what it is that people want – before they even know they want it. Tap into this and success on a grand scale can follow. Steve Jobs was a Piscean and his ability to accurately anticipate what the next big thing would be was part of his phenomenal success. That and the fact he also made people part of his vision as ‘visioning’ is a big part of the puzzle of Pisces wealth creation. This vision can include helping people and many Pisces are drawn to the healing arts or working with children. This is a highly creative and empathic sign and Pisces is able to tap into the soul collective and come up with ideas that touch others. This sign boasts more than the usual share of artists, writers, musicians and actors. Pisces is adept at entering the world of their imagination and then bringing what they find their to life in the outer one.

Many Pisces see money merely as a means to help others or as not being important. This is the sign most likely to say ‘I don’t care about money’. However, it is important to remember that if you don’t care about money, it doesn’t care about you in return. You can’t help others if you are in need of help yourself and often doing good in the world or bringing a vision of a kinder one into being requires money.

Your lesson with money is not to see it as evil. Money is neither good nor bad. It is energy only to be used as we determine. If you are thinking about major money decisions then always get reputable financial advice before going ahead and don’t make decisions solely based on your emotions. You need to understand that your creativity and inspiration are your greatest assets so you need to develop these as this is your key to making money – and in ways even you will have no problem with!

Pisces often find that the flow of money into their lives fluctuates. You may literally go through periods of feast and famine. Usually this is through no fault of your own unless you have acted hastily, under the influence or failed to get expert advice. Learn to put something away for that rainy day as it is bound to appear sooner or later and keep in mind that ‘this too shall pass’. Nothing stays the same. See money as spiritual currency and the experiences you can have with it as soul lessons.

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