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Astrology – Mercury Moon Transits

Mercury Moon Transits

When Mercury the planet of communication and the Moon hook up it’s all about your emotions. Also expressing or trying to express your intuition. As Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, the spirit world could be trying to communicate with you via dreams, symbols or something in the media that appears to relate directly to you and what your are feeling – so keep an open mind and look for that message and the sub-text behind what you hear or see. 

Mercury Conjunct Moon

Communication and your emotions are joining forces. You can’t avoid what you’re feeling and are in a very reflective mood. This is a potent time for thinking about your past emotional experiences as well as longing to open up about your deepest emotions. There may be conversations about your emotional security and you might find that everything seems heightened. It’s important to feel understood right now as mind and soul merge. However, your feelings can also rule your mind so it’s difficult to be objective. You’re brilliant at linking into what other people feel as you have empathy for those around you. People can get caught up in your spell as you draw them in emotionally. You could experience an emotional high. The shadow side of this is  becoming obsessed with what you’re feeling and analysing every nuance.

Mercury Sextile Moon

Your emotions are perky and optimistic and there’s a sense something good is on its way. Conversations have a certain fizz and you might be looking forward to an intimate conversation. A text. email or call could bring some good emotional news. Mercury sextile Moon brings deep chats with a women and the sisterhood is strong! Chatting and spending time at home brings satisfaction as you’re especially close to those you consider your tribe/family. Your psychic ability is heightened particularly with those you love.

Mercury Square Moon

Mind and heart are battling it out. People may be winding you up but all in all this can be a super grouchy time. Everything seems to be poking your buttons and nothing feels at ease. Your inner tiger is growling as small things drive you crazy and you’re a little on edge. There really is no point battling your own emotions or trying to rationalise things right now. It’s hard not to speak your mind as Mercury is urging you to let it out! Perhaps go out for a run or walk and let time pass before you rush into any radical decisions – especially about love. 

Mercury Trine Moon

Gorgeous conversations and a sense of being understood are what this transit promises. This is a great time for emotional bonding and linking to those close to you – or who you want to get closer! You feel ‘seen’ on some level and even if it’s with just one person, you love the sense of connection. Friends feel closer and all your relationships seem to have more understanding that flows both ways. Talking has a deeper meaning that you want to explore. 

Mercury Opposition Moon

What you feel can be at odds with what those close say to you. You might want to be all warm and cuddly yet feel others are distracted or cold. Make sure this is what is really going on as this opposition can make you super sensitive, even argumentative, when all you really want is reassurance. Don’t let insecurity make you over react as this energy will soon pass. Try not to take things personally as it can also make you snappy or aggressive in public.

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