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Mars Comes Closest To Earth in 10 Years!

Mars, the red planet is currently at his closest to Earth in ten years! This means the Earth is between Mars and the Sun. It’s easy at the moment to find Mars in the night sky – Mars is shining bright at the moment – brighter than Saturn with whom he forms a triangle with in the night sky in the constellation of Scorpio – which he rules don’t forget., along with the bright star Antares. Did you know the name Anatres literally means ‘Like Mars’?

Seeing as we have very ‘Martian’ energy happening at the moment and also taking into account that Mars is retrograde as he makes this close pass to us, what can we expect from this from an astrological perspective?

Mars represents action and also our boundaries. Mars’s positive strength comes when we understand it’s not just about just being a leader – but combining this with the role of protector too. Sometimes this boils down to being our own protectors or warriors of our own truth. As Mars is retrograde we have the ability to absorb this knowledge and are also able to see the big picture before acting. Let’s face it – sometimes Mars can have us rushing in without first looking at the consequences! But we need to also bear in mind that as Mars rules those boundaries and is heading ‘backwards’ we may no longer know where ours are and it becomes easy for others to step over them unless we remain hyper-vigilant.

Are you one of those people who would rush to the defence of a friend or loved one but hesitates to defend themselves? This is why we may need to look at becoming Warriors of Our Own Truth and the lesson Mars is trying to show us. Do you neglect to let people know they have stepped over the line telling yourself it doesn’t matter or that you don’t want to upset the apple cart by making a fuss? What this tells the universe and the other person is that YOU don’t matter. Have you bought into the mindset that says anger is unacceptable and that ‘evolved’ people just don’t feel it? Anger tells us our boundaries have been breached. There is nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’ about anger provided it is expressed appropriately. Mars now asks us to look at whether we are able to do this – or not.

The other side of this story is the person who literally is on the defensive all the time – who sees and expects attacks, insults and slights and who is constantly ready, sword drawn, to do battle. Very often this is due to past abuse. Being constantly on the defensive, expecting attacks or seeing them where none are intended, is exhausting to say the least. Retrograde Mars close to Earth says time to put down that sword, warrior spirit, and see whether or not your fears are justified. Chances are you suddenly realise they are not. And also see that if someone does breach a boundary, you are no longer defenceless but can also react appropriately. If assertiveness or saying ‘No’ is a problem fr you, this transit can really help you deal with these issues or open you up to asking for professional help and conquering them once and for all.

Be your own leader and your own protector. Once you can do this, you can then do the same for others. It’s the art of moving from the Alpha thinking that is purely Mars energy to the Omega thinking that embraces all Mars has to offer. You are important. You matter. Time to protect you whenever necessary and come from a renewed place of self-belief and strength. So, see red in all its wonderful shades now and channel the positive warrior within.



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