Sun Moon Transits

Sun Moon Transits

Sun Conjunct Moon

When the Sun conjuncts your natal Moon expect your emotional life to be in the spotlight. Feelings come to the surface now to be recognised and integrated. Your home and family life will be in focus. And it’s not just your feelings that you are more attuned to at this time. But those of others too. Your relationships with others – especially women, are free-flowing, nurturing and supportive. If you want to make changes to your living arrangements or anything to do with your home or domestic life, this is the day to do it. This is a warm, embracing transit which can bring about emotional closeness. However, for anyone who has difficulty expressing their feelings, the intensity of the emotions this transit highlights, can feel overwhelming. Instead of opening up, as this transit wants us to do, it can cause them to close down even further. The message here is: it’s okay to feel what you feel.

Sun Sextile Moon

It’s all about your emotional life and your romantic life too when the Sun sextiles your natal Moon. You’ll be striving for a balance and this is a transit when relationships with friends, neighbours and people you know should go smoothly. This is a great transit under which to invite people over to your house. This transit favours romantic unions and enhances the bond between you and your significant other if you have one. No-one to call your own? It’s a great transit under which to meet someone or else schedule that date although whether or not it becomes a Khal Drogo/Daenerys  ‘My Sun and stars/Moon of my life’ connection depends on other transits occurring in your chart.

Sun Square Moon

If you’ve been bottling up your feelings, this transit could see you explode. How this transit plays out depends on whether or not you have been avoiding a problem or facing it. Events in the outer world could reflect all those deep emotions swirling around within now. As a result, they act as a trigger. If you find yourself reacting to something or someone in a way that you normally would not, ask yourself if it is really them you are upset with? Or are you projecting? Strangely enough, if you are usually honest about your feelings and deal with issues in a timely manner, this can be a positive transit which hands you both emotional confidence and conviction to bring to bear in all your relationships. Don’t let feelings fester.

Sun Trine Moon

Trines are always positive aspects. When the trine forms as Sun approaches your Moon, it’s about preparing for the future and fresh starts – especially in your personal life. You’ll be very attuned to the feelings of partners or potential partners for that matter. And through your interactions with others, you’re able to understand your own feelings so much better. New friendships and even romance blossom and may turn out to have a big influence on you in the future. When a Sun/Moon trine forms by the Sun separating from your Moon, it’s time to bring creative projects or other areas in your life to a climax or fruition or course correct if necessary. See what you have to do to create balance in your relationships or other areas of your life. Later you’ll be every glad you did!

Sun Opposition Moon

This can be a pivotal day for you. It’s all about how well you cope with the people and routines you encounter every day. You can use the energy to adjust your lifestyle to make it work in a way that works for you. This may come about because you face a conflict between your personal or emotional life and your work/responsibilities. In other words, what you need vs. what you need to do. This may even come in the form of a crisis. If this happens, try to remember that every crisis contains an opportunity. Here you are being handed one and that is to make changes that result in you leading a more emotionally resonant and purpose-filled life. If you are someone who favours intellect over emotion, this could prove to be a very tense day as your emotions will be determined to express themselves – one way or another! It’s a day when the head and the heart need to work together. If you can achieve this or if you are someone who is able to fuse their feelings with their intentions, then this day could be a day for big achievements and success.