Sun Transits

Sun Transits

The Sun is the source of energy in our solar system – and the source of energy in our charts. Sun transits last for just one day but they have a massive impact on our horoscope. The transiting Sun’s aspects to your natal Sun set the entire ‘tone’ of what is happening in your chart – and the world around you. So, Let’s ‘shine a light’ quite literally, on those Sun transits and how they illuminate your chart.

Sun Conjunct Sun

Happy birthday! This is the day the Sun returns to the position in the sky it was the day you were born. Of course, the Sun hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s us who have completed one entire circuit of the solar system. Your Solar Return is an important day as it always marks the start of your new year no matter what date it falls on. The influences you feel today will colour the year ahead – which is why astrologers place such importance on a Solar Return chart. This is brand new energy, waiting for you to take it and channel it in a highly unique and individual way. Time to ditch the old, to assert yourself and yes, to shine! Focus your energy on what you want to achieve for the year ahead, set some new goals, and then – go for it!

Sun Sextile Sun

This transit occurs twice a year –roughly two months before and then again, two months after your birthday when the Sun is 60 degrees from your natal Sun. 60 days before your birthday the energy will be all about friends, groups, networks, contacts and your goals. You may find yourself feeling more social than usual and you may also experience a new focus when it comes to your goals. The fact your birthday is approaching may give you added impetus to achieve something before that all-important date! 60 days after your Solar Return the next sextile illuminates your communications – writing, presenting and publishing. As well as the devices you use to communicate and how you get around. Your neighbourhood and siblings if you have them feature. You’ll also look at those goals again. How far have you come towards achieving them? Time to adjust and get creative if necessary.

Sun Square Sun

This can often be a challenging transit to navigate. The Sun Square Sun transit happens to all of us twice a year. Once approximately 90 days before our birthday, and then again 90 days afterwards when the Sun makes a tense, 90 degree angle to our natal Sun.  During these periods we can find ourselves dealing with people or circumstances that seem intent on blocking or challenging us on some level. The square before our birthday can pit us against someone –sometimes a boss or authority figure, who makes the going difficult, seems out to ‘get’ us or just being deliberately difficult because they can. Keeping your cool can be hard but you need to remain matter-of-fact. The square 90 days after our birthday can see you struggling to bring something new into being. This could be anything from a business, a project or just a new attitude. If you meet opposition now, welcome it. This is your road test moment.

Sun Trine Sun

Another twice yearly transit which occurs approximately 120 days before and after our birthdays. This is usually a free-flowing and fabulous time for us. When things are balanced and everything seems to be going our way. Sure, we still have to make an effort but we get amazing results without having to struggle. During the trine before your birthday, focus on adding to what you have already accomplished. Follow your energy where it takes you as it will show you where to focus and where the best results can be achieved. When your next trine occurs 120 days after your birthday, look at what projects or areas that are showing the most growth and bring them to fruition now if you can. You should now be poised for success but don’t be tempted to sit back and cruise or what you have achieved so far will be wasted!

Sun Opposition Sun

Six months after your birthday, and the Sun is opposing your natal Sun in your chart. Sun opposition Sun is all about what or who opposes you – quite literally. It’s time to complete something or a situation is reaching a climax. However, you’ll see what obstacles lie in your path. This can be anything from a lack of energy which is stopping you from doing things, to someone being obstructive or difficult. You may have to defend your ideas, work, beliefs or something you have created which is highly personal and individual – a part of you in fact.  Be careful how you handle bosses, managers, superiors or people in positions of authority. That is not to say things may not be going well. In fact they may – and if they are, you need to guard against coming across as arrogant or smug. This could act as a red rag to a bull and instead of getting someone’s support, they end up blocking or challenging you instead.  This transit can reflect how we interact with others. Don’t run from difficult people now. You have the power to come up with a solution.