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Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 22

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 22

  • Are you your ideas or are you a soul?
  • Explore love and inclusion
  • What are you judging?

It’s an important week as this week’s planetary positions may test us and ask us one very important question: Do we come from a place of separateness and judgement or a place of inclusion and tolerance? There’s so much energy around us this week that we can channel to explore, learn and above all, do good. But as always, it’s how we choose to use it. Funny thing about any transit is that it contains polarities. You can have the most wonderful, helpful aspects happening yet not get any benefit from them as the flip side of the energy can make you slide into over-indulgence instead of taking some action. Others push through squares and oppositions to emerge the other side of them holding a grand prize. Funny how the universe works. Mars in Sagittarius this week could push us out into a larger world and have us exploring anything from other countries to ideas.  Or he could see us taking unnecessary risks, turning into adrenalin junkies and picking fights with someone far way that we’ve not even met. Just because we don’t like their ideas or we feel threatened by them. Are we our ideas or are we all human beings? That’s the central issue.

The solution is right in our hands thanks to Mercury in Capricorn. We can establish something far better with tolerant talk and an open mind. Mercury makes hard angles to Eris and Uranus in Aries. Now, Eris always felt left out of things which is why, in mythology, she caused trouble. When we get judgemental or intolerant about someone or something, at the heart of it all is a fear of being alone. So sometimes we act in a way that’s almost guaranteed to achieve that. And this is our collective shadow at work.

This week, however, we have an opportunity to stop doing this as Mercury makes a healing angle to Chiron in Pisces bringing back compassion and empathy. Mercury will also trine Sedna in Taurus and we could see more moves towards healing the divine feminine in our collective. This is accompanied by Venus in Aquarius opposing Ceres and the North Node in Leo. Once again, wounds inflicted on women by men in power could come to the fore as in #metoo or accountability is called for – especially as we also see Mercury meeting  Pluto in Capricorn this week. Transformation may be painful, but it has to hurt in order to heal.  There’s a call to ditch the old order and be warriors of the soul & spirit who don’t judge this week.

In a nutshell: Reach for your inner Sorceress Knight! There’s a call to become a warrior for the soul and spirit. And to choose love instead of judgement this week. Be careful which wolf within you choose to feed!

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