Astrology – Mercury Uranus Transits

Astrology – Mercury Uranus Transits

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Mercury has ideas. Uranus has even bigger, ground-breaking, electric and quite possibly, revolutionary ideas. Put these two together and anything can and will happen. Ideas, opportunities, news and encounters appear ‘out of the blue’. Don’t get too attached to anything from ideas to plans now as this day will have a direction all its own. Ideas can be overturned or even replaced with something better. Alternatives that may not have occurred to you before, present themselves. Dynamic and highly individual people could cross your path today and If so, pay attention as they could be the catalyst for your next idea. You’ll be curious and also highly inventive under this influence and more likely to try something new than usual. Today wants you to experiment. Opt for the untried solution if you’re after a different result.

Mercury Sextile Uranus

Get ready to be surprised today. Uranus rules surprises and unfortunately those include the surprises we don’t particularly want or like. The card of The Tower in the Tarot symbolises this kind of Uranus surprise. Luckily that’s not what this transit is about as a sextile between Mercury and Uranus usually delivers the pleasant surprise that comes with a new discovery. New people, new places, new ideas, unlooked for or unseen opportunities are likely to be the result of this transit. Get ready to explore something new. It (or they) may be radically different to what you usually experience. If you have a long term problem or issue you have been unable to find a solution to, you are more likely to reach for a totally (for you) revolutionary solution during that transit than you normally would. And be happy with the results. This day asks you not to jump to conclusions, not to judge a book by its cover and to step outside your comfort zone in some way. If you can do this the surprise the day delivers may be just what you wanted, but didn’t know existed.

Mercury Square Uranus

This square wants to know how adaptable and spontaneous you are? Because this square can either flow or it can block. What’s it going to be? If you are happy to change anything from your mind to your plans, then this is a day filled with exciting new concepts, people, ideas, stimulation and surprises. On autopilot and unwilling to deviate from your program? Then today is likely to frustrate you as unlooked for people and situations conspire to distract and derail you. As you can see, it all depends on your mindset how this day plays out. You’re either stimulated or annoyed beyond belief. Go on, do something different for a change. That’s what this transit dares you.

Mercury Trine Uranus

You want the new, the unexplored, the radically different now. Your mind wants to wander off the beaten track and your soul craves what you may find that. Travel is one way this transit can manifest itself. As any Mercury transit is short, today may just see you researching or planning a journey rather than actually taking one. However, if you have a favourable Jupiter transit happening at this time, you could well be doing it for real. One thing is for sure however, whether you’re just exploring from your armchair or boarding that aircraft, the kind of destination that calls to you is likely to be way off the beaten track or very different to places you have visited in the past. Setting a different destination with regards to your career is also a possibility under this transit. You’ll be intrigued by the different ways people have made it and will be drawn to finding out more about the entrepreneurs, the mavericks, the radical dreamers who carved their own niche. Even if you don’t end up taking this far – this transit only lasts a day after all, what you learn or experience today is likely to open up your mind to fresh possibilities to use and take forward with you into the future.

Mercury Opposition Uranus

Your mind is operating at the speed of light now. You won’t have much patience with anyone who can’t keep up with your train of thought. And those thoughts are off in so many different directions, exploring possibilities, ideas and new ways of looking at the world. And that’s just the problem. The speed of your thoughts is so fast you speak without thinking things through. You can have great leaps of the imagination today – seeing connections between things, people and events that would not have occurred to you before. So, this is a fabulous transit for any work that requires you to ‘fill in the blanks’ – anything from technology, astrology, physics to theoretical maths.  Your insight and intuitive abilities should prove to be spot on if you follow them. However, just ensure you don’t miss some key detail as this transit really doesn’t favour the small but sometimes necessary stuff. So, you may have to go over what you come up with today, tomorrow in order to ensure you didn’t miss anything out. This is also a great transit under which to meet new people or take a step (or several) outside your usual circles. The people you meet can expand your mind or even show you facets of yourself you never knew existed. Run with that thought today.