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Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 19 2018

Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 19 2018

  • Refine, review, renew
  • Claim your power
  • Plant the seeds for the future

Time to pause and look around us this week. Two important planets are changing course and it will be less of a time of action and more of a time of looking at where our actions have got us. Think of this as a time of re-evaluation before moving forward again. The 19th sees Ceres make a station at 4 degrees of Leo before heading direct again. If you have a personal planet at this degree in your chart or your ascendant, then this is all about renewed confidence in yourself – or not as the case may be. Do you gain reflected confidence from others – especially lovers/partners or even your children? Ceres is all about power. Have you claimed your own and are standing confidently in your own light and not in the shadow of someone else? If so, time for radiance and also action this week.

The Sun enters Aries ushering in birthday brilliance for all you Rams out there. For all other signs a chance to be bold, brazen and forthright! This Universal confidence could be all about a sense of lifting you ‘Up there where you belong’ as Venus in Aries meets Eris this week. No, you are not there under false pretences. Aries as a fire sign is especially attuned to Ceres turning to direct motion once more especially as the Sun makes a fabulous trine to her. However, this week also sees the start of some Mercury mayhem. Mercury is stationary in Aries on the 23rd and then heads backwards in here until April 15.  Seeing as Aries is the sign of personal, affirmative action it’s not only time to look at what we’ve reaped from our actions in the past, but to stop and formulate a fresh game plan before initiating further action in the present. The usual Mercury Retrograde Rules apply of course. As does the kind of actions you can take during a retrograde cycle. These are your ‘re’ words of course. Revisit. Revise. Review. Reset. There’s always a way forward – even if occasionally it seems to temporary stop you in place. But results are a ‘re’ word too. Take all the time you need now if you want fresh or even better ones.

In a nutshell: Mercury turns retrograde while Ceres moves direct this week. It’s time to re-evaluate where we’ve been while simultaneously looking at where we want to go next. Renew a cycle now.

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