Leo,Virgo, Libra Jupiter Horoscope November 2018 – December 2019

Leo Your Lucky Jupiter Horoscope November 2018 – December 2019

Romance gets real
Star in your own show
Lucky breaks follow taking the first step

No more kissing frogs! That’s right Leo. November marks the start of a year when you get to ditch the romantic disappointments and instead start the smooch with that prince or princess.

If you’ve been feeling you were falling out of love with love due to potential suitors just not being what you thought they were, fall back in starting on November 8 when Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance, arrives in your fabulous 5th.

You’re not just going to be lucky in love for the 13 months Jupiter occupies this sector of your chart. You’ll be lucky WITH love in all areas where your passions are ignited. This includes those things you love to do such as a profession that involves a passion, your hobbies, pastimes and anything which allows you creative self-expression.

This is all about recognition – not so much in a professional sense but this can happen, but from how you express who you are. There’s a touch of glamour and theatricality about all of this. As if you are the star of your own reality TV show. And that’s not a bad analogy now as Jupiter in here is truly a superstar in the making transit. No matter what you do – prepare to be noticed and in all the right ways!

‘Lucky’ breaks appear and Jupiter in this house is all about taking a chance now. This could just be on your own abilities. This is one of our houses of attraction in our chart and Jupiter expands. So, your ability to attract does too. But you have to radiate to attract back in kind. This should be easy for you as your ruler the Sun does just that! Set the energy in motion by making the first approach yourself.

This is no time to be shy and it’s also not a time to undersell what you have to offer either personally or professionally. When it comes to creating that perfect first impression, take it from me – you got this. Interviews and presentations are easy. As is that opening line. If you start the conversation, the other party will want to keep talking. Bear this in mind.

And when it comes to parties – you could just be rubbing shoulders with the ‘A’ list. Expect good times and the possibility of being in front of the cameras with others who are used to being there.

If you’re single, Jupiter should deliver at least one heart-starting, romantic opportunity that has you glowing. That lover could be successful, larger than life on some level and well-travelled. They will broaden your horizons and increase your knowledge of the world, even as you add your own signature royal stamp to theirs.

Settled Leos could enjoy travel with their significant other and this is the perfect transit under which to undertake that major getaway or find new activities you can share.

Your 5th is your house of children and this cycle is excellent for making babies, for seeing your children shine and even for receiving benefits and luck via your children. It’s also a time to connect to the child within, to play and have fun.

The thing is, you won’t care if others think you childish or silly. And what’s more, the people who really matter – including that potential lover and the fabulous new friends you are set to attract, just want to join in with you. Jupiter in your 5th says lighten up.

This is not a time to be too serious. It’s time to reach a bigger audience with your personal reality show than you have been over the past year or so. This year is about putting yourself on display and being noticed. Update your image if necessary so you look and feel your best. If you have been thinking of any creative idea which involves reaching a large audience – on the internet or even a live one, now is the time to launch it.

Your audience is waiting this year whether this is an employer, a customer base, followers or that extra special audience of one. Jupiter says pucker up – this is no frog.

In a nutshell: Pucker up Leo, here comes Jupiter in your romance zone. Ditch the past frogs and disappointments. And get yourself noticed by all the right people – for all the right reasons.

Virgo Your Lucky Jupiter Horoscope November 2018 – December 2019

Home is where the heart is
If it’s your place or mine – yours wins
Get ready for moving experiences

Benefits from family members or real estate could be on their way over the next 13 months thanks to Jupiter arriving in your 4th from November 8, Virgo. There’s no place like home under this cycle. Home, family, security – emotional and material, your roots, homeland, traditions and even your long term career will be in focus during this cycle.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. So, its mission for the next 13 months will be to expand your living space and your lifestyle.

This is all tied in with your feelings of security. Yes, you need a feeling of emotional security and belonging. But there’s material security tied to this which is why your career also has a role to play and why you may also experience opportunities and expansion in this area too. One creates the other.

If home is where the heart is, where does your heart reside, Virgo? This is the cycle to discover that, so get ready for moving experiences. Of course, for some of you it may be right where you are living now. If so, Jupiter may see you extend your present home or else move to a better one in the same neighbourhood. For others, where they feel at home may be somewhere else entirely.

The good news is that whether this is a relocation to another part of your current area, country or even overseas, Jupiter in here favours that big move. And also the means to make it happen.

Jupiter in your 4th can see you getting your foot on the property ladder if you have not been able to do so before. For some this can come through the assistance of a family member. While others may find beneficial changes to their work or career open up the means to accomplish this. But no matter if you are buying or renting, Jupiter is likely to bring you that lucky break when it comes to property dealings, in that you end up with something bigger and better for your money than you thought you would. So, make that offer as you may find it’s accepted. If you are interested in a rental property and there’s a list of people ahead of you, don’t be put off.

Jupiter can perform minor miracles when it comes to clearing obstacles away.

You don’t just want to create the right home environment for yourself, you want to create a lifestyle and a space where everyone feels welcome. Cooking and food will be more than just nourishment but also entertainment and pleasure too! When it comes to love this year and the question of ‘Your place or mine?’ – it’s going to be yours, hands-down.

You could even explore money-making opportunities linked to your home – becoming an Airbnb host, antiques, exploiting Aunty Betty’s recipe for fruit bread that she handed down, kitchen table crafts – its areas like this that not only promise extra income but just allow you to spend more time at home. If you have been thinking about working from home, Jupiter in here could just facilitate that.

Your extended family could expand with marriages, engagements and births. Or you could add to the family you have created for yourself in the form of a generous and easy going roommate or friend. Under this cycle Jupiter’s luck can even touch those you live with be they family members or roommates.

Luck moves in to your address with Jupiter in this house. Redecorating and renovation are favoured and if so you’ll be drawn to bright colours and creating lots of light and space. Jupiter simply does not do Farrow and Ball Down Pipe grey.

Above all, Jupiter in here is about your connection to where you live – or where you feel you should live. Jupiter rules travel and over the next 13 months you’ll either explore your homeland more or else find yourself travelling to somewhere you realise you feel right at home at. If you have ended up living far from your place of birth, don’t be surprised if under this Jupiter cycle you get to travel back.

Jupiter in here is all about a wider sense of belonging – not just who you belong to and with, but also where. If you’re in the wrong place, Jupiter can help uproot you to put down new ones in the right one. If you’re in the right spot then Jupiter will enable those roots to go even deeper.

In a nutshell: You’re set to benefit from bigger, better living arrangements or lifestyle changes in 2019. Jupiter enters your 4th of home and family. There’s no place like home now, Virgo.

Libra Your Lucky Jupiter Horoscope November 2018 – December 2019

Ideas are your playground
Market yourself
Come close to love

What’s the big idea, Libra? Want to find out? Writing, publishing, speaking, communications and the internet are all your playground now Jupiter arrives in your 3rd from November 8. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last paid this sector of your chart a visit. If you were 18 or over then, think back to what opportunities came your way around any of these areas.

The 3rd house is your house of business and commerce. In fact, with Jupiter in here for the next 13 months, busy-ness could best describe it. You’ll be busier than usual as messages, emails, texts, phone calls and one particular piece of good news, takes you out of your usual routine and expands your world. This is also your house of siblings if you have them, your neighbourhood, your daily commute and short journeys – short in either distance or duration. Jupiter rules long distance travel and also big business and the mass media.

In fact, Jupiter rules your 9th house which is of course the one opposite your 3rd. So, Jupiter in your 3rd will ‘big up’ all those 3rd house themes to 9th house-sized proportions. What can I say? Get ready for something big.
There’s a saying that talk is cheap. Not so under Jupiter in your 3rd. Talk and communicating your ideas brings success and often a big success especially when it comes to work and business.

It’s time to talk marketing and this means marketing yourself. You are able to get your ideas or what you are selling across not just effectively now, but in such an entertaining way everybody’s buying.

The same goes for love. You come across as so irresistible, funny and sexy you’re a triple threat. Where’s that lover to be found? Not far away. In the line at the coffee shop, in your bookshop, on your commute, the boy or girl ‘next door’ or in the office down the hall. You’d be surprised how close you can come to love.

Study is favoured now especially any kind of course you can complete within the 13 month period Jupiter is in here. You’re thinking locally and acting globally. Jupiter in your 3rd may rule what’s outside your front door or neighbourhood. But that idea you launch or that company you join could see you dealing with a far bigger and geographically diverse audience that you imagined. Again, it’s how far that idea can take you. Even if it’s a small one you may be amazed. Needless to say it’s time to get that manuscript out there or launch that blog, vlog or website. Your audience is waiting for you.

Words are your superpower now and your ability to flirt is also supersized. It’s funny with Jupiter in this house in your chart as often you’ll find whatever it is you want – from that job opportunity to that lover, close at hand. But it or they may come packaged with faraway connections. That local business you join may have offices or customers overseas or that hot stranger you get chatting up on your commute turns out to be from far away.

Pay close attention to opportunities or people with wider connections as this is Jupiter paying you a visit.

Upgrading your phone, tablet, computer or your car is another Jupiter related benefit and very often these can come as a perk with a job. On a mundane level, Jupiter can even bring you a better, easier way of getting to work – a new bus or train route for example or even a cycle path! Benefits can flow not just from employers but from siblings, cousins and your neighbours now.

Your 3rd house governs your immediate environment and therefore the things you see and do every day. Because these are so familiar, we tend to overlook the opportunities that are there in our immediate environment. It does not see the wood for the trees. Jupiter in here shifts our perspective as we suddenly see we are right where we need to access whatever it is we need. Jupiter in our 3rd says: Look no further. Success is right on your doorstep this year.

In a nutshell: Everybody’s buying what you’re selling – including yourself, as Jupiter enters your 3rd. Words and ideas are your superpowers. Talk isn’t cheap – it opens doors to success.