Astrology – Mars Moon Transits

Mars Moon Transits

Mars Conjunct Moon

The term ‘burning on a short fuse’ applies during this transit. You’re snappy and scrappy. Everything may irritate you and usually for no good reason. Or you find yourself suddenly resentful about something that happened a long time ago. Arguments which happen under this transit often involve family members or people we live with. And they are usually not about what is happening in the here and now, but have their roots in the past. So, because of this our reaction comes across as irrational or over-the-top to the other person. Try to step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself what you are really angry about? The upside of this transit is that if someone has been taking advantage of you or stepping over the line, you will have the strength and the confidence to stand up for yourself now. Positively expressed, this is a transit where you can reclaim your power.

Mars Sextile Moon

Passions come to the surface now and you will feel a deep need to express these.  Time to acknowledge what you feel and follow it through with action. You’re in the zone when  it comes to the mind/body/emotional experiences which rock your ocean! If you are settled, then look forward to lovemaking with the perfect balance of fiery physical and emotional flow. Single? Chances are this transit sends you seeking and if you have recently started seeing someone new, this transit could be the catalyst that pushes you over the bedroom threshold. If you’re working, you’re able to bring energy and focus to what you are doing but you’ll really only want to work on something in which you have a strong emotional investment.  The only downside to this transit is that it can sometimes have you jumping to conclusions so ensure you get all the facts and stay objective – especially when it comes to people with whom you have a strong emotional connection.

Mars Square Moon

Don’t rush under this transit as mistakes or accidents could occur. You may feel irritated with people around you, or just the world in general today. This can be a misunderstood transit as with any transit involving the Moon there is more emotional depth to it than meets the eye. Mars just brings this to the surface. If you do find yourself feeling short tempered, angry or irritable, try to understand you’re not actually reacting to who or what is going on in the moment. This is a sign of long-buried feelings coming to the surface. They require acknowledgement and then appropriate action in necessary. Although it may be difficult with Mars in the mix who can push us into rushing in, try to take a step back. Look closely at the origins of your emotions and why you are reacting the way you are. Once you understand where all this is coming from, you’ll not only restore your emotional powerbase and be able to deal with your feelings, but also those people around you, an in appropriate way.

Mars Trine Moon

Baby – let’s dig down deep! This isn’t a walk your talk transit – it’s a walk your feelings one. Action and emotional intent combine in perfect unity now. Your emotions are sharper, more passionate and deeper than usual. You’ll automatically be drawn to people (or draw them to you) who allow you to express the intensity of your feelings. This transit can often bring a new lover into your orbit and if so, it’s not just the attraction that is strong, but also the conversation, ideas and beliefs that you share. You’re not interested in just scraping the surface so forget the superficial  – or the tepid. You want all or nothing and to feel vibrantly alive. You are drawn to people, ideas or even causes that arouse your passions and because of this everything is either seen by you as black or white or love/hate – there is no middle ground. But while this transit can polarise your emotions you’re drawn primarily towards what – or who, you love at this time.

Mars Opposition Moon

This transit often brings about difficulties in your relationships with women which may or may not be your own. One example would be dealing with a woman who pushes your buttons on an emotional level. This does not necessarily have to be a family member (although it often can be). It could be someone you work with or encounter. But the result is the same. It brings up subconscious issues left over from childhood and you react accordingly. Another example would be you dealing with an in-law or even your partner’s ‘mummy’ issues – which is why sometimes the lessons that surface may not be your own, but can affect you in the same way. You may feel the person in question is going out of their way to block or even ‘smother’ you and anger and frustration may boil over as a result. However, this can be an incredible transit of self-revelation and of deep wounds coming up to be acknowledged and healed if you are willing to go within and look at the source of all these feelings. Understand your reactions aren’t related to what is happening in the moment, but in fact have their roots far back in the past. Possibly in childhood. Whoever you are dealing with represents the wounded feminine in yourself. No matter what our gender identification we all have this aspect to us. Recognising this connection will put you in a position where you can deal with any issues with female relationships much more effectively.