Mars Sun Transits – Astrology

Mars Sun Transits

Mars Conjunct Sun

Your energy is at a peak now and you’re seeking an outlet for it. This transit is all about action combined with shining self-assurance. If you’ve been feeling lacklustre or tired of late, the meeting of Mars with your natal Sun is the point where your energy returns. You feel revitalised. Reclaim your self-confidence if that has been tarnished lately as you feel you can take on the world. This is not a time to think too much about things. It’s a transit under which to do and to set events in motion. You’re a little bolder, a little braver than usual. ‘Don’t just dream it, do it and do it now ’ under this transit.

Mars Sextile Sun

Step into the role of leader in your own life. You may get offered an opportunity to take on more responsibility at work now. Your energy is high and this goes hand-in-hand with the awareness that you are the person who makes things happen in their own life. You’re confident when it comes to taking any actions you feel necessary to get the results you desire. Like all Mars/Sun transits, this one is very much about doing rather than thinking or just ‘being’. If you are in a competitive situation – as in a job interview, business review, pitch or promotional opportunity, you’ll have the confidence to sell yourself more effectively than you might have done in the last. That being in charge of your own destiny vibe tells others you will be effective when it comes to business. You also know how to get what you want without alienating others now.  Under this influence you’ll take advantage of any and every opportunity that comes your way. Go for it!

Mars Square Sun

You may feel your boundaries or your resolve is being tested now.  While your energy is at a high and you can accomplish almost anything you put your mind to, others seem determined to throw up barriers in your path.  You may find yourself put in a position where you have to defend your actions or ideas. See this as an opportunity to test your resolve rather than an invitation to conflict. You may find your boundaries being tested now – either at work or in your personal life as someone may step over the line. Again, this does not necessarily have to lead to arguments and confrontations but you will be able to stand your ground if necessary. Choose your battles wisely. It may be better to concede on something minor and leave the other party feeling satisfied with the outcome provided you do not have to sacrifice your position on what is really important. The take-out will be not only a sense of personal satisfaction, but the respect you have earned.

Mars Trine Sun

You feel the need to channel your incredible reserves of energy into getting things done. This is likely to be into something that you have already begun. Complete projects and tie up any loose ends. You’ll have energy to burn now and this enables you to tackle tasks you may have been putting off, and complete them easily and quickly. If you need to make a decision about something you may have been putting off, this transit will see you doing that decisively. Plus you will be left with the knowledge you have made the right one. Others see you as someone confident and self-empowered and you can use this to your advantage especially in career and business. Any dealings with men are favoured now as Mars rules masculine energy, and this applies no matter what your sex or gender you identify with. Mars combined with the Sun brings fiery passion to any love relationship but without Mars’s need to have its own way. Both you and your partner can bask in the warmth of reciprocal love and desire now.

Mars Opposition Sun

Mars takes almost two years to orbit the Sun. So, this transit occurs approximately once every 687 days. Think back two years ago to what happened at that time. Chances are it may give you a clue as to how it may manifest this time around and you can be prepared to step aside from its more negative influences if that’s what happens.  What choices you made or even those you didn’t two years ago may return now. On the one hand, you can find yourself embroiled in disagreements with someone – quite possibly your partner or sometimes connected to your career. If this happens, look back those two years and see what conflicts occurred and most importantly, how you handled them. Did you get the result you wanted? Or did you simply not take action? The flip side of this transit is that despite any opposition you have encountered, you bring something to a successful conclusion. The feeling of victory and satisfaction you take away from this will be as important as any material rewards of your success. Quite simply: priceless.