Venus Uranus Transits – Embrace the unusual

Venus Uranus Transits

Venus Conjunct Uranus

Like a bolt from the blue this transit can give you a radical insight into your needs. You want something more exciting, something different now and you’ll go out of your way to discover it. Uranus always provides an awakening and also a release. Love may suddenly take a radical and unexpected turn – one way or another. You can go from feeling love has passed you by entirely to head-over-heels when you least expected it. Or an existing relationship can suddenly end. Or is that so sudden? Because chances are you knew it had to. No matter what the outcome, Uranus brings freedom and release. If you do enter a new relationship at this time, the person is likely to be very different to the people you have been attracted to in the past. Your finances can also reflect this ‘swings and roundabouts’ feel with either sudden windfalls or sudden expenses occurring. In general you’ll be drawn to something different today. Remember, if you always choose the same thing you’ll always get the same experience!

Venus Sextile Uranus

Take a break under this transit. Especially from your usual routine. If you’ve been wanting to try something new – a new group, activity or experience, now is the time. Step away from your usual circles and open up to a different scene entirely. New friends can be made now and they may come from radically different backgrounds or professions to those you normally hang out with. Accept any and all invitations under this transit – even if you think it is not your ‘scene’. Your idea of that will undergo a radical shift now so be open. This is a fabulous transit for socialising and partying and above all, for not taking life seriously.  And that includes yourself.

Venus Square Uranus

You need to feel alive, electrified and excited – especially around love today. If your relationship has fallen into a rut or you feel it lacks that heart-starting breathlessness you’re craving, you’ll do something to shake things up. You want to feel passionate, alive and that love is an experience to be lived. You desire new experiences you can share together so be inventive! If your partner is unable to respond in the way you want, your frustrations may lead you to initiate another kind of excitement which is arguing. So be aware of this. Singles may go out of their way in search of if not a new love experience, at least some flirtation. You’re not in a mood to take things seriously however.  Impulse buys are likely under this transit. Be warned that you may be drawn to something very different to what you would normally choose. Just be aware that when this transit has passed you may find you hate it rather than love it. Defer radical purchases to another day.

Venus Trine Uranus

It’s a day to do something different. You’re drawn to people, things and experiences that you would usually dismiss or else not notice because they were under your radar. You’ve a fabulous curiosity that makes you want to explore all kinds of possibilities today.  The more unusual the better.  You’re taking a lighthearted approach to all this. And there’s an openness and flexibility about you as well. You’re willing to change your plans at the drop of a hat if something better or more interesting presents itself. There’s the element of the unexpected operating now. Expect a surprise or two that makes this day extraordinary in more ways than one.

Venus Opposition Uranus

Today may be like a rollercoaster ride so think excitement and thrills. There’s surprising twists and turns occurring around your love life.  If a romance begins under this transit it could have a real ‘opposites attract’ feel to it. You may be smitten by someone who is very different from your usual choice of partner and who is also very different in many respects from you. If a relationship does begin under this transit, you can expect excitement, thrills but rarely something lasting. However, you will never forget the person or the experience. This transit opens your eyes to all kinds of alternatives in the world around you. You may question your past choices as a result. Although this transit only lasts a day, you can make some incredible discoveries around just how many paths or choices are open to you. Explore the unusual and dare to try something different. You could find out you like it.