Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 28th 2019 – A Love shift

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 28th 2019

  • You have the power to be powerful
  • Self-author your future
  • Be objective

News and ideas which reshape our world or turn what’s been accepted on its head, feature as the Sun and Mercury meet in Aquarius this week. Invention, revolution and finding a new approach not just to do things different, but to make a difference or become the difference that’s needed are awakened within us. There’s a collective evolution happening this week and one of the themes we may see emerging is the power of the individual and grassroots resurgence. This says: you’re the voice – with the power to be powerful.

Can we do this without ruffling too many feathers? Venus entering Capricorn says we can be beautiful, diplomatic yet powerful at the same time. It’s about balance and redressing that. Venus in here shows off her serious side – a force to be reckoned with.

Love is shifting for all of us, and she’s not only getting serious but she is whispering the importance of setting healthy boundaries.

This week could see all of these themes challenge the status quo as Mars in Aries makes a tense angle to Pluto in the sign of authority – Capricorn. Something has to transform on a very deep, fundamental level. I’ve written a lot about author-ship recently and what it means when we stop authoring our own lives and allow others to write our story for us. This week wants us all to be objective when it comes to seeing where we have allowed this to happen, and to be equally objective when it comes to taking our power back.

When we become objective we become more powerful because our energy is channelled and we know what result we want to achieve. We also don’t allow emotion to cloud our judgement. Mars lends us determination but we need to harness its energy especially when it is mixed up with Pluto, otherwise explosions and upheavals – and fallout, can occur.

Taking authorship of our lives means taking responsibility. And this includes taking responsibility for giving the right of self-authorship away. This can happen on a personal but also on a collective level.  If we don’t like the choices that people we’ve given authority over us are making – we need to own we allowed them to do it. There’s a big difference between rebelling for the sake of it, and finding our voices again. We can reinvent the future this week as Aquarius is the sign of that. Especially if we are willing to look at what’s accepted or has been taken on board as a given, with new eyes – and a new voice. We’re

 empowered AND enlightened.

In a nutshell: Dare to turn accepted thought on its head and take a different path. This week is all about finding our individual voices. And reclaiming them if we lost them!

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