Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love: Uranus  – Aries – Virgo

Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love: Uranus  – Aries – Virgo

In Part 1 I looked at what effect Uranus in Taurus is likely to have for all of us in general. On our money, possessions, property, assets, finances and banking. In this second part, I’m going to get Up Close and Personal with this maverick, freedom-inciting, genius unleashing planet and look at how it is going to affect us according to our Sun sign.

No matter what your sign, Uranus in Taurus is going to be all about what you value. This includes your self-worth, the ‘value’ or price you put on your talents, abilities and skills, how you feel or relate to your money and what you owe or own, what you stand for, will or won’t ‘sell out’ for – in other words, what is priceless to you, and how you expect to be treated by other people and the world in general. Uranus will bring  big adjustments around these but in a key area according to the house in your chart it is moving through. Uranus doesn’t say ‘because you’re worth it’ – it asks ‘Is this worth it?’ or on a relationship level ‘What are you worth?’.  What you have valued or what becomes more valuable to you in the next seven years, will not only change, but shock and surprise you. And ultimately, set you free to have what really matters.  Your personal revolution of freedom, beauty, truth and love begins here.

Aries: For you it’s all about your money. How you make it, use it, bank it, invest it. Investing it in yourself – your ideas, is another way Uranus in here can manifest. You may change how you bank, your attitude towards credit cards or if you have the cash, how and what you invest in. Above all – the price you place on what your money can buy you and what it can’t, will undergo the biggest shift.  When it comes to your spending you’ll be stopping and asking what value what you buy actually adds to your life. And if you find it doesn’t, you simply won’t buy it. This is all a reflection of the value you place on yourself. Chances are you’re now seeing you are simply worth more than getting into debt to acquire more ‘stuff’. Watch how your relationships reflect the higher price you place on your time and other assets. The trend is up and it’s a bull market when it comes to your personal stock.

Taurus: Your image, how you look or how you want to be seen will undergo a radical overhaul. The next seven years will be a time of reinvention and relaunch. The outer you will reflect inner changes to your attitude towards yourself. You’ll begin to embrace the importance of projecting a congruent image that tells the world the value you put on yourself. So, this is more than skin deep and superficial. First impressions DO matter and as you are a sign who takes career progress seriously, you are likely to invest in creating exactly the right one. The same goes if you are seeking to attract a partner. You want to be sending the right message. Uranus is a higher vibration of Mercury – a planet associated with youth. It’s not so much about hanging on to youth as a look that is uniquely you and contemporary. Uranus simply isn’t about fads and fashion but individuality. How might this makeover manifest? Again, it’s going to be all about you and the adjustments you feel you need to make. For some this can be as simple as a different hairstyle, make-up or style of dressing. Others may take a more radical approach even going as far as cosmetic procedures if they feel this is necessary. You want the world to look at you differently. Welcome to your relaunch.

Gemini: Mystical, magical you and all its many facets, fascinates and intrigues. You’ll be diving deep into just what it is that makes you well, uniquely you. Uranus in your 12th links you to spiritual evolution more than any other transit. You’ll look at life, the universe and everything in between in a very different light now. Uranus rules astrology, so if you have ever wanted to learn it, now is an excellent time as this is your house of intuition, mysteries and psychic abilities. Likewise, learning any kind of psychic or occult study – or even delving into anything from psychology to quantum mechanics, may intrigue you. You are not just seeking explanations and more meaning, but looking outside the usual path for answers. They have to hold meaning for you. You may consult an astrologer, psychic or even a psychotherapist yourself as part of this process. Remember, Uranus awakens us, and its job in here is to awaken you to the true nature and purpose of your life. This is also your house of secrets. Both the ones that are kept from us and the ones we keep. Take it that what you need to know while Uranus transits this house will be revealed – and often in shocking and unexpected ways. Secrets will not stay hidden. If someone is pulling the wool over your eyes – Uranus will expose the truth. Conversely, please ensure that you are not the one hiding something. If you are, Uranus will ‘out’ that secret and in a way that ensures the whole world, or at least everyone you know, knows about it. At the end of the day, the truth is what sets you free. Whether it’s the higher spiritual truth, or the truth you were unaware of around something which simply no longer serves your soul.

Cancer: Uranus is in its ruling house in your chart – your 11th, as it passes through Taurus. It’s all about you and the collective, your friends, groups, clubs, associations, ties, social and professional contacts and yes, your on-line social media presence and profile. It’s also about your goals, wishes and dreams. Expect exciting and very different people from all walks of life and many different backgrounds to cross your path while Uranus is in here. Opportunities come out of the blue and from unexpected sources. Be adaptable and flexible and above all, be prepared to step out of your usual social and professional circles and network like you’ve never networked before! With Uranus in here you may discover that some existing connections no longer hold the resonance they once did. The same goes for your goals. What you wanted to achieve before may no longer hold any meaning for you. New friendships and goals will replace those you have outgrown.  Uranus rules the internet and specifically in this house, your social media. Simply put, you may not be clicking with this the way you used to. You may ditch some sites in preference for other, new ones and on-line friendships for real facetime. When it comes to what you do post – the number of likes you get won’t worry you. What matters is being real and your on-line profile needs to reflect that. After all, what’s not to like? Uranus in here hands you the freedom to be you. And to attract those on the same wavelength.

Leo: What are you working for, Leo? Are you happy in the career you have chosen? Or are you the proverbial square peg in the round hole? One thing I can promise you about Uranus’s transit through your 10th house, is that if you are in the wrong career, nothing is going to keep you there now. This may come about either via you now recognising your true calling, or the universe simply stepping in and knocking you off your present path and onto the right one. You are made redundant and forced to re-think your career trajectory for example.  No matter how it happens, and whether you initiate change or it is forced upon you, it is because you are on a road to nowhere. Uranus wants you on the highway to heaven, not hell, when it comes to all you can do and achieve. And wants you to have the recognition you deserve as well. Uranus rules invention, innovation and entrepreneurs. So, this could see some of you launching your own business or start-up. On the right track? Then this cycle is all about believing in yourself and showcasing what you and you alone bring to the table when it comes to your success. Uranus rules visionaries and mavericks. The people who succeed by thinking, acting and doing things not just differently, but by putting their own unique stamp on what they do. So, whatever you do, don’t imitate others or take a ‘yes’ man or woman approach. Success is a story for you to design – and tell, from your own unique perspective now.

Virgo: Expand your thinking and your horizons now, Virgo. Uranus in your 9th is about discovering the unexpected and seeing the world through very different eyes. If you have ever thought about emigrating or working or studying overseas, the next seven years could see you packing your bags. Above all, ensure your passport is up to date. It’s all a bit lastminutedotcom as Bilbo Baggins style unexpected journeys could be on offer and if these appear, don’t hesitate – take them.  Exploration and experimentation, beneficial dealings through companies or people with foreign connections, are hallmarks of Uranus’s journey through your 9th. Your belief system – anything from your religion to your personal philosophy on life, could also be subject to radical change. Again, this may come about via contact with people from different cultures and who hold different beliefs to your own. You may even try on a few for size, discard some elements and keep others and end up with a true religion that’s solely your own – but which makes sense when it comes to you and your place in the world. Welcome in friends from overseas. Contact with people who work in academia, the law, the mass media, big business, publishing, the outdoors or with animals will bring unlooked for opportunities and benefits. This is your house of gambling and luck. Uranus in here will deliver more than one unexpected break. When it arrives, take a chance. Head towards something exciting and unknown.