2020 Vision: Saturn and Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn Part 2

2020 Vision: Saturn and Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn Part 2

Hello fearless astro warriors!

Face your fears and embrace the change! Are you ready to do that? To be forged in the fires of transformation? Because despite what you are reading about the big, scary Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020, it hands us the ability to look our fears in the eye – and realise there truly was nothing to fear but fear itself. And to move into a place in our lives where we go from controlled to empowered. Doesn’t that sound like a transformation you’d want rather than one to be scared of? You know, the Sufi poet Rumi wrote an alchemically beautiful poem about soul forges and rebirth. It’s wonderfully apt for all of us who are living through the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – which incidentally, Rumi did not. However, Rumi was one of the most spiritually enlightened souls who ever walked amongst us, so who is to say he did not write certain verses with future times in mind? Or just the challenges we all face? The poem is called ‘Love after Death’:

“I remember now:

I was in the pottery studio . . . clay and water are mixing . . .

A new body is being made, which is . . .

Another workshop, another studio, my new home . . .

Then I feel fire – something’s baking . . . I am trying to escape!

But they grab me. When I can no longer resist,

They begin kneading and moulding me into shape,

Just like all the other lumps of clay.”

Of course, this is all symbolic but the message is appropriate – what may seem like the actions of something beyond our control – as in being grabbed and unable to resist, is actually transforming us for a rebirth and a new way of life. So, what’s been hard work or heavy weather for you lately? What area of your life do you feel you no longer have any control over? That you cannot escape? Or have a series of events shown you it’s time to change your direction, outlook or attitude but you are resisting? We can take a lump of clay and shape it and fire in up and something beautiful emerges that did not exist before. If we just have the 2020 vision to see it.

Grab your birthchart now and check: Do you have personal planets or your ascendant between 17-23 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra?  Even more importantly, do you have your natal Saturn between these degrees of these signs or are you having your Saturn return right now? Let’s talk about what we know about Saturn. This is old school astrology. This means it operates within certain rules and boundaries – which it loves incidentally. Saturn tells us when we are on the wrong path and making bad choices. It gives us plenty of time to course correct. It’s a bit like being summoned to the principal’s office at school. We may escape with just a ticking off the first time. However, if we persist with what got us there in the first place, the consequences begin to mount up – detention for example. Our parents may be called – now we’re in even more trouble. If we don’t take notice of this reality check, we could end up suspended or expelled. That’s Saturn at work represented by a Saturnian authority figure.  If you read about criminal cases in the news chances are you may have noticed just how many report that the accused was between 27-30 years old – so they are having their Saturn return, and that they received a jail sentence. When this happens you can put good money on the fact that while this may be the first time they have faced court, they were probably ‘known’ to the police before this and may have been warned or cautioned about the path they were on. Again, this is old-school Saturn giving fair warning – and a chance to change.

Saturn may have manners but Pluto has none. Pluto energy erupts without warning like a nuclear explosion. Its goal is purely to transform and begin again and to sweep away what’s dead or decaying like dragonfire on zombies. In other words, to bring about a rebirth. So, if you have those planets sitting in the 17-23 degrees fallout zone – especially if the planet is the ruler of your ascendant or Saturn itself, expect an ending with a new beginning to follow. Now, chances are due to Saturn’s adherence to the rule book, you have been given more than one clue as to what area of your life is going to be changed. It’s that area which is stuck, stagnant, super hard work or else Saturnian types are constantly throwing up blocks to progress, slamming doors in your face or giving you the same message – over and over again. If we do not make the changes we are supposed to, in the end the universe steps in and makes them for us. Usually if we have not listened to Saturn and allowed it to get that far – in ways we will not like, especially with Pluto involved. What needs to change may be our resistance around doing just that. But which would you prefer? The change you yourself set in motion or the one forced on you so you have as the poem tells us, no choice but to be moulded into shape?

How to avoid this? 

1: Be authentic – as I said in part 1 of this article – Pluto hates hypocrites. 

2: Own your actions – and your inactions. Saturn asks we take responsibility for our lives. This means owning our choices, our mistakes, our efforts, our achievements and yes, our inability to make a choice and inaction too. As I said at the start of this article: Face your fears and embrace the change!

3: Make commitments. Saturn rules these and Pluto rules power. The power of keeping our word, the power of our promises – and our commitment to our truth. 

4: Last but by no means least – don’t procrastinate. If you know you should tackle something or change it – especially if the issue has been hanging around for the past two years, do something about it. Don’t wait for January 2020 to seize control from you.

Now, the good news. Do you have planets or your ascendant between 7-10 degrees of any sign? But yes, especially those cardinal ones? Then unlock your secret 2020 survival guide in Part 3!