Jupiter in Capricorn 2020 Forecast for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Jupiter in Capricorn 2020 Forecast for Leo

Work it, Leo! You’re aiming higher when it comes to that day job now Jupiter arrives in your 6th. Perhaps to be your own boss – or the boss. You’re the day star on the rise when it comes to routine and also wellbeing matters. Health and fitness may take on a new significance. Love what you do – and how you do it during 2020, Leo!

Work it like you own it as Jupiter arrives in your 6th for the first time in 12 years, Leo. You are a sign which takes innate pride in everything they do. Your day job – whether paid or unpaid, is no exception. Neither is your appearance or how you feel on the inside. Jupiter in your 6th from December 2nd works like a cosmic kick-starter. Job offers, second jobs, opportunities to create a side hustle may appear to land in your lap with very little effort on your part (although you do have to make some!). Bosses present or potential will be looking on you favourably now. Or perhaps you are aspiring to their job? This is a cycle which can bring you a promotion or see you becoming your own boss if this is your ambition.

If you have been out of work or seeking to return to the workplace after a break, Jupiter in your 6th should deliver at least one opportunity to step back into employment during it’s year long transit of this house. You are always a sign that aspires to high standards in what you do. This comes across to others now who are in a mood to open doors and reward you. You are willing to do whatever it takes – in the interview process and on the job itself. Your enthusiasm and confidence are your biggest selling points during this time – so use this, Leo!

Co-workers enjoy being around you as your ‘can-do’ attitude is infectious. If you are aspiring to start your own business or side-hustle, you’ll be willing to put in the effort to ensure your results. Your energy is boundless now but just ensure you pace yourself or delegate if necessary as Jupiter in here can sometimes see us taking on too much in our desire to get the job done – and to perfection!

Wellbeing, diet, exercise and health matters in general are going to take on a fresh importance for you. You’ll see the connection between what you want to achieve and having that body performing equally well to ensure you reach those goals. You may join a gyn, commit to a new exercise regimen – such as yoga or pilates. Including more fresh fruit, vegetables and getting enough calcium in your diet is a good idea now. Anything which supports your body’s structure. What you begin now you are likely to stick to more than at any other time. Your energy level should increase so ensure you give your body the correct fuel. You could find yourself assigning more time out of your busy day for exercise and/or food preparation as you explore the connection between what you want to achieve and how your body feels. No more running on empty – or energy drinks, coffee or take-out, Leo!

You willing the embrace the concept that if you want something, you have to work for it. Jupiter in here can deliver ‘lucky’ breaks but chances are you have done the groundwork and have earned it. There’s also a need to create work with meaning for you. Some of you could begin this journey as 2019 winds to a close as December 27 sees your ruler the Sun meet with Jupiter in here. The start of January is more than just about fleeting New Year’s resolutions as Mercury meets Jupiter in what is Mercury’s ruling house on the 2nd. Again, if you start that job search, diet or fitness program, you are determined to get results! Jupiter will meet the South Node in here revealing past, path and purpose on January 18. You’ve been here before on some level. Is there a road you wanted to take -but didn’t? You are being invited to go down it if you hesitated before. If you are confronted with a situation which touches on any 6th house issue and feels as if it is on replay for you – how can you make a different choice to the one you have in the past? Also know, there are no short cuts to be taken around this. If you have taken this option, you may now find yourself back where you started. The only way forward is to do the work.

Jupiter will spend a long retrograde cycle in here but again, when it comes to avoiding short cuts that turn into anything but, this may be no bad thing. You’ve a chance to revisit what has worked for you in the past – and also begin again if you now see so clearly you’ve ended up in a dead-end when it comes to that job or routine. During its transit through here Jupiter helps you to make powerful changes as it meets Pluto not once, but three times. The first occurs just prior to the retrograde on April 5. The second on June 30 when both planets are retrograde, and the third on November 12 when Jupiter is in forward motion again. All these dates could mark powerful changes to your role, your studies or your daily responsibilities to yourself and others.

Ruler the Sun also aids you on key dates when it comes to that project, launch, pitch, meeting, interview, job search and the impact these can have on your bank account and personal stock. May 17 sees the Sun in your 10th of status and recognition trine Jupiter. This could even bring back a past work opportunity or see the successful completion of an interview process or business project. The Grand Earth Trine of September 8th angles the Sun now in your money zone to Jupiter and the Moon in your 10th promising satisfaction and rewards for your efforts. While Venus which rules your 2nd trines Jupiter from here on October 19th. This could hand you a source of income or even a working partnership you can bank on – literally.

Travelling for work or business is also favoured with Jupiter in here. As are short trips which recharge you and leave you ready to take on your next challenge. Activity holidays may appeal or any break which sends you back to nature or the outdoors. Your 6th also rules your pets if you have them. Some of you may commit to getting a pet. Walking the dog could play a big role in getting fitter!

If you are willing to put in the effort to get what you want or where you want to go, Jupiter will open doors for you in 2020. Working in a job with Sagittarian/Jupiter themes may be how some of you experience this cycle. The law, universities and colleges, sports and fitness, the outdoors, airlines, travel, the mass media, animals – especially horses, doing business with people or companies overseas, religion, importing/exporting, teaching and publishing may be areas where opportunity lies. Others could find themselves working for Jupiter himself in the form of a cheerful, expansive, good humoured and generous employer who while they expect results, are open-handed in how they reward their staff for these. Feeling an important part of something bigger is common under this Jupiter cycle – even if you work for yourself. Jupiter in your 6th tells you if you are willing to work for what you want and maintain an optimistic outlook while undertaking this, you will reap the rewards for your efforts. Now and for the future, Leo.

Your Special Tarot Message for Jupiter in the 6th: 3 of Wands. There’s a new path ahead, Leo! This card depicts a figure standing on a cliff with three staves. They are looking out to sea where we can see ships. Are the ships setting sail or returning to port laden with cargo after a successful voyage? Depending on where you are on your work or wellbeing journey dictates whether you feel the ships are coming or going. So, this card can literally mean your ship is coming in! Or you are launching your venture – that business, website, pitch or application process. It’s about sending something out there – perhaps that CV or even yourself. It can also indicate the arrival of contracts, important documents and agreements. Perhaps from overseas which of course, Jupiter rules. Sometimes what is setting sail or heading towards us is that idea we launched or that new enterprise. This card promises increased business, trade or even the arrival of practical help or an offer on the way. As you launch yourself or your idea out there during the coming year, refer back to this card. Above all, trust that your efforts will come sailing back with the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

2 Dec 2019 Jupiter enters Capricorn (6th)

27 Dec 2019 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (6th)

2 Jan 2020 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (6th)

18 Jan 2020 Jupiter conjunct the South Node in Capricorn (6th)

5 Apr 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (6th)

11 May 2020 Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn until September 13 (6th)


30 June 2020 Retrograde Jupiter conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (6th – 2nd time)

8 Sept 2020 GRAND EARTH TRINE: Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus trine Sun in Virgo (2nd to 6th to 10th to 2nd)


12 Nov 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (6th –3rd time)



Jupiter in Capricorn 2020 Forecast for Virgo

The whole world loves a lover – and that’s you now Jupiter arrives in your fabulous 5th, Virgo. Be ready to be swept away by adventure, romance or simply a lucky break. The world’s your adventure playground in 2020. And everyone wants to be your playmate! Time to get yourself noticed and shine.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with love again during 2020, Virgo. It doesn’t even matter if your heart has been bruised or broken of late. Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th restores your faith in the power of love. And your confidence when it comes to the pursuit of it (or something you love to do).

Jupiter in here is like Fat Cupid. It is of course the ruler of Sagittarius – the sign symbolised by the archer. Arrows will get fired off every which way while Jupiter is in here. If not in your own life then in the lives of those you love – your children for example. It’s time for a bigger love experience which is what Jupiter in your 5th is set to deliver. That and a shining success story of some description. The world can’t help but sit up and take notice when you walk into a room. Yes, this is your house of star quality. And Jupiter in here could deliver your shot at stardom or turn you into a headline act – at least for one person.

As this is your house of romance and also children, a relationship which has the potential to turn you into a parent, step-parent, adoptive or foster parent may feature for singles. Don’t be surprised if that love interest is foreign, well-travelled or has overseas connections of some kind. They could even be in the public eye. There’s something stand-out about them. But then again – the same can be said about you. This is your house of attraction and you cannot help but draw people and opportunities to you now. Simply by being you. Your 5th also rules holidays and Jupiter rules long distance travel. A pleasure trip could turn into just that. Even if you are traveling for work during this time, expect fortunate meetings, good times and interesting people who offer unlooked for invitations or other opportunities to feature.

While singles should see at least one potential love interest cross their path, settleds could reexperience that first heady rush of love they felt when they met. This is an excellent transit for that second honeymoon. Making babies could form a part of this as could good times or even luck stemming from children or young people in general.

Don’t try to hide yourself away now. If you do, you’ll be depriving yourself and the world in general, of a wonderful opportunity. The end of 2019 and start of 2020 could bring good news, invitations or even throw that potential love interest right in front of you. The Sun meets Jupiter in your 5th on the 27th December and ruler Mercury on the 2nd January. The new year could begin on a high note. Jupiter will meet the South Node in here on January 18. This could be a date with love destiny that offers a new beginning. The South Node is about ‘what goes around comes around’. It has a ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ feel to it. You need to author a different love story for yourself now. Not one that feels familiar, old or on replay. Go towards a new, bigger choice. Jupiter in your 5th wants to expand your love experience. So, if an old lover returns, think carefully about reinvolvement. Sex is back on the menu and possibly spiced up now – the most indulgent and exotic the better. So be open to trying something (and someone) new.

Creative ventures, performing, the arts or showcasing your talents and abilities, ‘lucky’ breaks in work that puts you in a front-of-house position are all hallmarks of Jupiter in your 5th. That star quality could see you attending concerts, openings or VIP galas where you either rub shoulders with VIP’s or are the VIP!

Jupiter spends just over a year in here due to it having a very long retrograde period – from 11 May until 13 September, 2020. Please be aware that during this time Venus and also your ruler Mercury will retrograde. Venus will retrograde in that other Mercury-ruled sign Gemini from May 13 until June 25. Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer and your 11th from June 18th until July 12th. With both Jupiter and Mercury retrograde at the same time, take extra retro precautions when travelling during that period. And also during the critical seven day period which will see Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all retrograde between June 18th – 25th.

Jupiter will encounter Pluto not once but three times in your 5th during the coming year and this could bring a massive change around a love affair, a new love or even children or parenting. The keys dates to watch are April 5, June 30 when Jupiter and Pluto both retrograde meet for the second time and then the final meeting with Jupiter now direct on November 12.

Opportunities to make a permanent impression, step into the spotlight or success are highlighted for you from August onwards. Mercury in your 1st trines Jupiter on August 29th while the Grand Earth Trine of Sept 8 between the Sun in your sign, Jupiter and the Moon in your 9th could see you embarking on a new phase of love or opportunity. Creative ventures should flourish now and October is a wonderful time to seek love or recognition for all you have to offer as Venus in your 1st trines Jupiter on October 19.

Jupiter in your 5th always wants to expand your knowledge of what love can bring you. This isn’t just limited to the love of one person – but can include an audience, friends, followers or even the rewards and attention you receive for what you love to do. Jupiter in here doesn’t just want you to fall in love – although this is very possible. It wants to raise you up to experience a bigger kind of love which expands your horizons. So be open to where love can take you.

Your Special Tarot Message for Jupiter in the 5th: 8 of Wands. You don’t want to wait for love or even success to find you, with this card and Jupiter in your 5th. You’ll take the initiative and go out in search of it. This card is linked to Cupid’s arrows as well as movement, expansion, travel and meetings of all descriptions – whether these are for business or purely pleasure. It’s about invitations and introductions which open doors for you and positive developments which sweep you off and away. Above all, it’s showing you are heading in the direction of a new love experience. Showcasing yourself, your talents and abilities gets you not just the attention but the recognition you’re seeking. Time to take a chance – perhaps on yourself. If life has been stagnant lately, connecting with this card when Jupiter is in your 5th will bring you ideas on how to overcome this and see you taking the initiative when it comes to going after whatever it is you want. Go the distance, Virgo!

2 Dec 2019 Jupiter enters Capricorn (5th)

27 Dec 2019 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (5th)

2 Jan 2020 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (5th)

18 Jan 2020 Jupiter conjunct the South Node in Capricorn (5th)

5 Apr 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (5th)

11 May 2020 Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn until September 13 (5th)

30 June 2020 Retrograde Jupiter conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (5th – 2nd time)

29 Aug 2020 Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn (1st to 5th)

8 Sept 2020 GRAND EARTH TRINE: Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus trine Sun in Virgo (1st to 5th to 9th to 1st)


12 Nov 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (5th –3rd time)

19 Dec 2020 Jupiter enters Aquarius (6th)


Jupiter in Capricorn 2020 Forecast for Libra

Good news Libra if things have been unsettled or simply hard work when it comes to home, living arrangements, family or what you need to feel secure. Jupiter’s arrival in your 4th says that lifestyle, career or living space is due for an upgrade. Get set to live it large, Libra!

There’s no place like home or that feeling of security for you now Jupiter arrives in your 4th from December 2, 2019, Libra. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last unpacked its bags and moved in for a year’s extended Airbnb stay in this sector of your chart. If you are old enough, look back to 2008 and what was happening at that point in terms of your home, flat, lodgers, family, living arrangements or moving house. Did you expand your space in some way? Others may have been handed security of another kind – a better paying job or career move which allowed them to upgrade their lifestyle or home. Luck in property matters often follows Jupiter unpacking its bags in our 4th. Whether we are renting or buying, we can end up with more for our money, in a better neighbourhood or in a position where we can extend or enhance our present living space. Jupiter in here simply wants to expand our experience of living – and living larger than before.

Saturn’s stay in this house is almost at an end. Many of you may have downsized during Saturn’s transit in here. While Saturn is all about foundation and establishment, it can make any changes we want to make seem like very hard work. Jupiter’s arrival in here heralds a period where we can literally ‘move forward’ again. While in here Jupiter will also bring up questions around just where home is for you – and provide you with answers. Is there another part of the country or even the world that calls to you? Jupiter in your 4th favours long distance relocations. If you have ever wanted to emigrate or make a sea change, Jupiter and 2020 offers the chance to make that move.

Jupiter always wants to open doors and in your 4th it can literally hand you the key to a new one. This could even be the key to the corner office which in turn allows you to make changes for the better to how and where you live. The people you live with or share your home with – anyone from a flatmate to a family member, could open up new possibilities and better living arrangements.

Expect an increased interest in food, cooking and home entertaining during Jupiter’s stay in here. If you are renovating or remodelling your present home, then the kitchen is most probably the first place you will start. If you are buying a home, the kitchen could turn out to be the deal maker or breaker in your decision. Unleash that domestic goddess or god and indulge yourself and those you love. But bear in mind that the expansion of your culinary skills can lead to expansion of another kind – namely you. Weight will tend to settle on your stomach, hips and thighs with Jupiter in your 4th – even if you are not usually prone to putting on the pounds in these areas. And be very hard to shift due to Jupiter in here being in relaxed rather than sporty mode.

Making money from your home is another benefit Jupiter can deliver such as Airbnb, renting out your home as a film location or hosting foreign students. If you have ever wanted to work from home, Jupiter paves the way to make this possible even if you just begin as a side-hustle for now. That time in the kitchen could see you launch that kitchen table top business rather than the Great Libra Bake-Off! Or maybe the two are connected. You may also have an increased interest in interior design, antiques or vintage items – either for yourself or as a business idea.

This is your house of family, roots, traditions and birthplace. If you are an ex-pat or have ended up living far from where you were born or your family, Jupiter in your 4th offers you the chance to visit your ‘home country’ and reconnect to your roots. Others could see family members from overseas travelling to visit them. If you travel back to somewhere you have lived before or reconnect to your roots, heritage or even beliefs – even if you do not share them, you will find you either see these in a fresh light or they open doors for you. This kind of exploration of where you have come from is favoured from the start of 2020 when Jupiter meets the South Node in your 4th January 18. You can reshape your path or create your own traditions if you discover you have been living out your family’s story rather than you own. What have you been handed down that feels ‘right for you – beliefs, habits, ways of living – and what may have been right for your parents, grandparents or even ancestors further back, but holds no relevance or truth any more for you?

Although this house rules the past, with Jupiter in here it’s also about moving into the future. Use the extended Jupiter retrograde from May 11 – September 13 to look back to then move forward. Don’t be afraid to create concepts of ‘home’ and ‘family’ based on your needs and your path now. But retain what sustains you and continues to hold meaning for you. Jupiter will meet Pluto in here not once but three times during its year-long transit promising major transformations to your home or the family dynamic. Expanding your living space could go hand-in-hand with expansion of your family circle. It’s common to welcome in new family members with Jupiter in here – babies, marriage or live in partners or even in-laws!

If you have been trying to get a foot on the property ladder, Jupiter in your 4th can often give you a helping hand. This can come via a family member, a partner’s promotion or job, or an increase in our own income. Renters could find themselves enjoying increased security and more affordable rent either via the market moving in their favour or else though relocating. August offers you a fabulous opportunity to move on up when ruler Venus in your 10th of status and career opposes Jupiter on the 25th.

This cycle is al about expanding and moving into something bigger. Love it and life it large now, Libra!

Your Special Tarot Message for Jupiter in the 4th: 10 of Cups. Long term decisions build on your happiness bringing you the love that you crave, libra. These may not just involve where you live but matters of the heart too. Every decision you make builds on the one previous. This involves a move – either literal or figuratively towards what sustains you for the long term. Your home and how you live are a direct reflection of your inner sense of belonging and your beliefs around what you need to feel emotionally secure and supported. As you meditate on this card, you’ll see all too clearly that happiness is more than just bricks and mortar but lies in people and the love you give to and receive from them. This card is also about moving away from lack and into prosperity, long term love and stability. You’re being handed the key to this in 2020, Libra.

2 Dec 2019 Jupiter enters Capricorn (4th)

27 Dec 2019 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (4th)

2 Jan 2020 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (4th)

18 Jan 2020 Jupiter conjunct the South Node in Capricorn (4th)

5 Apr 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (4th)

11 May 2020 Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn until September 13 (4th)

30 June 2020 Retrograde Jupiter conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (4th – 2nd time)


12 Nov 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (4th –3rd time)

19 Dec 2020 Jupiter enters Aquarius (5th)



Jupiter in Capricorn 2020 Forecast for Scorpio

Big opportunities around travel, writing, speaking, the internet, business, blogging and learning await you in 2020, as Jupiter moves into your 3rd in December 2019. Discover just how many people your message can reach – and just how far an idea can take you – or change your world, Scorpio!

You’ve a passion for learning and ideas now Jupiter arrives in your 3rd house on December 2, 2019. What you say, hear, write, share, teach or publish could have far reaching effects now. The world is also your neighbourhood under this transit. Your 3rd is a house which rules your locality, your neighbours and your everyday routine such as your commute for example. Jupiter rules amongst other things, long distance travel and foreigners. There’s a ‘Faraway so close’ feel to Jupiter in your 3rd as even if you don’t find yourself heading overseas during this transit, people from different countries and cultures to you are likely to cross your path. When they do, they could open your eyes to a new world order right under your nose.

This is also your house of siblings if you have them. This includes step-siblings too. Jupiter is associated with generosity and expansion. So, some of you may be the recipients of a sibling’s help or generosity while others could be welcoming in a new sibling or step sibling. If you have had problems with a sibling in the past, while Jupiter may not be able to heal the rift between you, it can bring about a new perspective, allow you to find common ground or simply allows you to transcend the situation by you transforming how you deal with them. In fact, transformation around your ideas, thoughts, how you communicate and above all, how you react to what is said to you or the news you hear, are the keys to unlocking your full potential in this cycle due to your ruler Pluto being heavily involved during this cycle.

This is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart. So, think about how it is symbolised with the figure of Mercury in his winged sandals as the courier or messenger. This should bring about increased calls, emails, texts, notifications, news and meetings. You will find yourself busier than usual answering these or running too and fro. Due to this house ruling both your communications and how you get around, Jupiter in this time can send you better and easier ways to do exactly this. A great deal on a new car, phone, tablet or computer for example. Or that new job which comes with a season ticket or a better/shorter/easier commute. Watch what beneficial news appears as 2020 begins and Jupiter and Mercury meet on January 2. This is also an excellent time to update that CV and apply for that new job or to launch that blog, website or send out that screenplay or manuscript.

It’s time to act on those ideas – not just talk about them. Jupiter always brings opportunities, luck and benefits but it is up to us to start the journey. It’s no use talking about what you intend to do in this cycle. You have to walk your talk. Think back 12 years if you were 18 or over back in 2008. What did you learn? What doors opened for you? Above all, what did you talk about doing and what did you follow through on and where did this take you? Or what simply stayed in the realm of ‘gunna do’? If you now see you should have done something with an idea back then, don’t worry. Jupiter will offer you a second chance opportunity during 2020 to try again.

Travelling for business or journeys that are short in either distance or duration are other hallmarks of Jupiter in your 3rd. As is travelling back to places where you lived in your early years. Old school friends may get back in touch now. Jupiter rules higher education while Mercury and your 3rd rules teaching and your early years. You could find yourself looking back at your school years. Were these happy or problematic for you? Did you achieve the level of education you wanted to? Jupiter in here favours returning to education or upskilling – especially courses that can be completed within the year it stays in your 3rd.

One significant piece of news or one chance you take with an idea has the power to totally transform your world and your path now. Your 3rd rules business, work and commerce. That idea, product, website, blog, service, business, lecture, thesis, manuscript could turn into a real game-changer for you or reach a far wider audience or client base than you ever dreamed possible. Jupiter in here says business is booming – or at least your message is loud and clear now. People sit up and take notice of what you have to say like never before. During it’s time in your 3rd, Jupiter will meet your ruler Pluto not once but three times. These are the dates when you need to putpower, persuasion and passion nehind anything you say or put ‘out there’. Your message needs to have soul conviction whether it’s how you sell yourself in an interview, the message in that book, blog or screenplay or simply that all important conversation you have with someone where you say what needs to be said.

Above all, big up that message on the key dates when Jupiter and Pluto meet and don’t undersell yourself. The first conjunction occurs on April 5, the second on June 30 when both planets are retrograde – allowing you to repeat yourself or get your message across a second time and perhaps more effectively. The third and final meeting of Jupiter and your ruler in this house in your lifetime will show not only changes you have made within yourself – but how you now see the world and the evolution of those ideas. Say it loud and clear on and around November 12, 2020.

Your birthday season will show you how in control you are of what you say – and also how you respond to what others have to say too. Changes to yourself and your life path, how you work, get around and communicate will have all combined by the time the new Supermoon appears in your 1st on November 15. It marks one of the most significant new beginnings wrapped in a Harry Potter-like cloak of invisible opportunity you will experience for a very long time. This is all about a door opening to empowerment and an idea which has changed your world – both on an outer and a deep soul level. This new Supermoon simply cannot be undersold – or underestimated. And neither can you. Above all, it’s about having faith in what you have to say and its ability to bring about self-directed change as it sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter. The magic to totally transform the way you work, move about, communicate or open doors for you is all in your message during 2020. Say what you have to say, Scorpio. Because you are the big idea whose time is now.

Your Special Tarot Message for Jupiter in the 3rd: Ace of Wands: This Ace is always associated with the start of an idea. It also symbolises the energy behind it. It depicts the passion, fire and optimism we need to make things happen and to act on this. The idea you have now sparks your enthusiasm and your desire to succeed at something. You go after that dream job, write that book or launch that business idea or website. You’re setting self-doubts aside and also any worries about what others may think. You’re also not worried about failure either. Simply because you’re about to come to the understanding that the only failure is simply not to try. This card dares you to discover what can happen if you take a step towards that dream and send your message skyward! If you’re unsure where your new beginning lies – meditating on this card can unlock this. Or hand you the certainty around which idea to pursue if your head is simply buzzing with possibilities!

2 Dec 2019 Jupiter enters Capricorn (3rd)

27 Dec 2019 Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (3rd)

2 Jan 2020 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (3rd)

18 Jan 2020 Jupiter conjunct the South Node in Capricorn (3rd)

5 Apr 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (3rd)

11 May 2020 Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn until September 13 (3rd)

30 June 2020 Retrograde Jupiter conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (3rd– 2nd time)

12 Nov 2020 Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (3rd –3rd time)


19 Dec 2020 Jupiter enters Aquarius (4th)