Weekly General Astrology January 13th 2020

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 13 2020

Try a little self-tenderness

Change your thoughts, change your world

Love is the only true success story

The heavy Capricorn weather of last week is still with us. As is the influence of the Saturn/Pluto/Ceres conjunction in the sign of the air up there and room at the top. The 13th sees the Sun meet this massive power play. If you have read the general forecast for last week, you’ll know this kind of line up only occurs once every 500 years or so. We won’t see anything like this again. This is a once in a lifetime experience where we have a clear choice laid out before us. To reach for a higher, different one this time around. Those who fail to see this may find it’s a long way to fall or be counting the cost.

Venus the planet of love and diplomacy enters peace-loving Pisces also on the 13th. This is not just about a higher choice but a higher love. Especially if we are faced with conflict in our lives. There are spiritual truths available to be accessed if we open up our souls to compassion and humanity. Yes, we can still strive for success because who doesn’t want to achieve their full potential? But not at the cost to others or the planet. Venus in Pisces opens us up to compassion and forgiveness. Funny how forgiveness begins with forgiving ourselves first. It’s a divine act of love when we do this. So, start with this if you are unsure just what ‘higher choice’ is the right one for you right now.

Mercury moves out of Capricorn and on into the sign of the universal thinker and maverick inventor – Aquarius. Mercury rules ideas and in here we could be looking at revolutionary ones designed to free us of the old order and decisions which trap us in a rinse and repeat cycle. The times they are a changin’, as Bob Dylan wrote. Time for some new karma. And maybe even a new vision for the world that each and every one of us can contribute to and create.

In a nutshell: The times they are a changin’. Soul shifting Capricorn weather has us all reaching for our highest potential. The solution begins as everything does: within. Change your view, change your world.


13 Jan 2020 VENUS ENTERS PISCES (Pisces)

16 Jan 2020 MERCURY ENTERS AQUARIUS (Aquarius)