Weekly General Astrology April 20th 2020 – Taurus Season!

Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 20 2020 by our astrologer Elena

  • Karma could pay 19-year interest
  • Launch a new value system
  • Happy birthday, Taurus

Happy birthday, Taurus! The Sun arrives in your sign this week and it’s also time to talk about what does around comes around – karma in other words. It’s not just we as individuals who make deposits and withdrawals at the Bank of Karma. And I can talk about banking now as Taurus rules this, markets and the stock exchange. Even these institutions have their own karma and their own chart. Our actions are timed by our charts and our karma in particular is linked to the Nodes in our chart. Those mysterious spinning points of power which operate on a 19 year cycle.

Revolutions in banking, stocks, shares and on an individual level, our personal value system giving way to a fresh new price on what truly matters are likely this week. The 21st sees the Sun ask Saturn in Now Age of Aquarius if the price is right? As Taurus also rules the natural world this may revolve around the fact what we value is costing us the earth. Literally. And right now lives too. So, tune in to what matters the most.

The 23rd and the new Moon in Taurus which falls within three degrees of Uranus in here, could mark a time where our value system is renegotiated and we are no longer willing to ‘sell out’ – especially to big business, governments or corporations. A new value system is being born here both in the collective and more importantly, within ourselves.

Accountability for past decisions – and this relates to the Nodes and those 19-year cycles I mentioned – be this individually or by those in the top in governments or corporations and yes, even collectively, needs to be owned and any debts paid or interest collected. We may witness the return of conditions or circumstances set in motion 19, 38 or 57 years ago or even longer if it is in 19-year increments as Ceres the planet which rules new deals and also harvest enters Pisces on the 24th and then trines the North Node in Cancer. This occurs just two days before the Sun and Uranus meet in Taurus and Pluto retrogrades in the house of power players – Capricorn. Does something look familiar? If you are not old enough to have been here before, the world is so chances are this situation is a repeat or is linked to events set in motion back then. It is not only linked to our home, homeland, family karma or country but also our spiritual journey no matter what the impact it may have on our material one.

If you have remained true to your spiritual values, this week could offer you interest on good karma. Others may see themselves heavily in debt in more ways than one. Ceres reminds us what we sow we eventually reap. But we can establish a new set of values at any time and regrow that karma for good – for all the world we share now.

In a nutshell: Taurus – you know the wisdom of investing in soul values and banking on love. What is not for sale at any price could pay long term interest this week. Know that the karmic price always has to be paid – as does karmic interest too!

20 Apr 2020 SUN ENTERS TAURUS (Taurus)

21 Apr 2020 SUN IN TAURUS SQUARE SATURN IN AQUARIUS (Taurus to Aquarius)

23 Apr 2020 NEW MOON IN TAURUS (Taurus) nb: Falls three degrees of Uranus

24 Apr 2020 CERES ENTERS PISCES (Pisces)




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