New Moon in Taurus April 22/23rd 2020 – Instability

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New Moon in Taurus April 22/23rd 2020 – Instability

Hey Moonbeam,

The New Moon in Taurus is turning her usual vibe on its head. Why? because eccentric Uranus, the planet of surprise, genius, and the unexpected, is influencing the Moon to shake things up. Yup, In these unpredictable times, even the New Moon in Taurus isn’t behaving as expected.

Usually, the New Moon in Taurus is all about getting to grips with our stability, to ditch habits, people, patterns, or experiences that stop us from growing and feeling safe. It reminds us that safety lies within. While this is still true of this Moon, there’s a splash of spicy shocks. We maybe surprised by what we discover is watering our insecurity.

With the New Moon square Saturn the lord of restriction, we might also feel overwhelmed by a desire to go out, or for life to return to normal. A discovery of what is holding us back is rising to the surface, yet it’s not quite the right time to deal with it. As frustrating as this is, it’s important to tune into what signs and symbols you get today and tonight.

As with all New Moons, think about what you want to release. If Uranus does drop a dose of the unexpected, know that this too shall pass. You are stronger than you know. You’re forging a deeper sense of strength, a more potent knowledge of self and the foundations you are digging are deep.

So what new start/lesson is the New Moon offering?

Aries – Security, sensuality, and comfort
Taurus – A revelation about your life path
Gemini – A psychic revelation, raising your spiritual game, secrets
Cancer – Community, collaboration, friendships, social media
Leo – Career, reputation
Virgo – Studying, future travel plans, overseas connections
Libra – Power, Sex, primal emotions
Scorpio – Relationships, partnerships, intimacy
Sagittarius – Lifestyle, habits, health and well being
Capricorn – Joy, happiness, creativity
Aquarius – Home and family
Pisces – Communication, messages, information