Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 5 2020

Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 5 2020

Make beautiful choices which sustain you

Less is more and lasting adds value

Upcycle, recycle and repurpose satisfies on so many levels!

Pluto heads direct once more in Capricorn this week. It’s been intent on ‘cleaning house’ during its retro-cycle. Pluto gets more powerful when backwards. Exposing those things we’d rather not see but need to. Now we’ve seen it – Pluto direct asks for some follow-through.

Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. This week sees Mercury which rules contracts, agreements, business, commerce and trade, oppose Uranus in Taurus. So, what we see are both the money signs of the Zodiac impacted. As well as the sign of the Fat Controller – people at the top, in other words, Capricorn – in focus.

Where are you on the soul food train?

Venus is the ruling planet of both Libra and Taurus. Right now it is in the other earth sign – Virgo. Focussed on details and also things like the environment, food chain etc. What we put into our bodies. Taurus also links us to the earth and natural world. Again, farming as it is the sign of the bull. And where the terms ‘bullion’ and ‘bull market’ stems from.

Venus will trine Uranus on the 11th. So, expect from this to see winners and losers and fast shifts happening in the money markets. What’s hot: anything sustainable, plant based, vegan, simple and future proof. What’s not? Industrial farming, exploitation, the few hoarding the mostest while screaming ‘It’s MINE!’ and anyone who has not come from a place of integrity and has exploited others. Your time is up or this week marks the start of your demise.

Do you really need that need?

Upheavals, power shifts and a new focus is taking place now. Who loves the Dr. Suess tale of The Lorax? A little know fact to chew on along with your Green Eggs and Ham this week while you think about how they were farmed and produced, is that back in 1989, The Lorax was banned in Californian schools. What the Grinch was going on? Liberal, tree hugging Californians back then decided that The Lorax gave kids a negative image of the logging industry. Of course, as well as today’s relevance to climate change and pandemics, one can say so much for freedom of speech too.

We could see a replay of this kind of thinking this week. Or be told that despite all evidence to the contrary, we still need a thneed. Fast fashion may yet again make headlines for all the wrong reasons. On a soul level we’re all receiving the call to use what we have more sustainably and beautifully. Recycling, upcycling, preloved, reimagined. Expect ideas around these themes to delight and inspire our creativity and answer our needs at the same time!

Opt for the beautiful, sustainable and long term

To care for our internal environments (body, mind and spirit) as well as our external one. To make smart choices and to ditch the fast food, throwaway culture we may have bought into. Because we now see it comes with a high price ticket we can’t possibly pay. Wants and needs get redefined this week. What’s left for us is simply something more valuable to treasure.

In a nutshell: Long term and sustainable loves are this week’s featured topic. We’re all being asked to choose what truly adds value. No more throwaway solutions. Less is more and lasting is beautiful.

5 Oct 2020 PLUTO DIRECT IN CAPRICORN (Capricorn)