Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 25th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 25th 2021

Shine Baby Shine!

The only approval you need is yours

Get to the heart of the matter

Sistas are doing it for themselves!

This week’s Leo full Moon of the 28th – also known as the Wolf Moon, Ice Moon or Snow Moon, appears opposite Jupiter in Aquarius. In fact, the Sun will meet Jupiter in here the very next day. What’s this about? Matters close to our hearts. Approval, praise, love and above all, sensitivity to the opinions of others. A super cosmic shower of luck is available for the snaring. What future plans do you want to expand? All the feels will be magnified. As this Full Moon in square feisty Mars, we may find ourselves busting through others BS. Do not let anger steer you off your path.

This full Moon is going to ask us if we have failed to protect our hearts? Perhaps giving it away to someone who really wasn’t worthy of it? Or else taking on board the opinions or criticisms of people who actually don’t matter. If you are faced with wounds, criticism or rejection under this full Moon, you really are asked to consider the source. There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and that from people who simply want to rain on your parade. So, ensure you know which is which now.

Some of us could be bathed in the spotlight and applause, adoration and a dose of luck however thanks to the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius on the 29th. There’s also a new power paradigm in place due to the Venus/Pluto meet-cute in Capricorn the day the full Moon takes place. Women stepping up into positions of power could feature. But a new kind of power. Sistas are doing it not just for themselves, but their own way. And probably not taking any notice of critics either.

Shine on!

That being said, we enter full retro-active weather from the 30th as Mercury turns backwards in Aquarius. The usual retro rules apply which all of us should be familiar with. And again, if you meet with negativity this week, look back at your history. Either with the negative person or with past experiences. Is there a pattern here? Or is it simply your own inner critic who needs silencing?

In other words, it’s not whether or not the person has done this before (they may have) – or whether you have encountered this before. But it’s really about how you have taken this on board. If it’s true to your heart then that’s all that matters. This week’s full Moon tells us we all deserve to shine. So, don’t let anyone throw a shadow over that.

In a nutshell: This week’s radiant full Moon in Leo asks us all to look at what sets us apart and makes us shine. Matters close to our hearts may feature. Just be aware the only approval you need is your own.

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