Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 1st 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 1st 2021

You don’t have to wait for love – it’s arrived

Look for alternatives

Make some Now Age connections

Venus arrives in Now Age Aquarius at the start of the month. So, it will be in residence for Valentine’s Day. Venus in here is about alternative love. The love of friends, the love of a shared idea, cause, vision; and above all – alternative loves. Now, that doesn’t mean to say romantic love can’t spring from this or isn’t part of the bigger picture. But what it is telling you is that if you are seeking to experience love, be open minded about the form that experience can arrive in.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and the 2nd house. This is about our money, possessions, income, values and self-worth. The Sun also in Aquarius will square Mars in Taurus again on the 1st. We may see changes to taxes, what is shared amongst people, the money markets and also inequalities highlighted as a result.

On a personal level we will be asked to look at what we peg our worth on and our pursuit of that. Some of us may even explore alternative ways to make our money under this transit. There is pressure, yes. But also, opportunities. Alternatives in love and money are what the Now Age wants to hand us.

Waiting for love to arrive

Venus meets Saturn in Aquarius for the first time on Feb 6. Are you waiting for love to arrive? Are you feeling alone? This Venus/Saturn meet-cute can cement friendships or deliver potential long- term ones. It can also bring a love which grows from a friendship. But it can also bring up the lack of love we may be experiencing. Not just the romantic kind but the friendship kind. Where does this spring from? Usually lack of self-love and appreciation.

If we are lonely, we begin to think we have nothing to offer. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle – think Saturn’s rings. We go round and round. If you are experiencing isolation, loneliness or lack of that special someone, the other message of this conjunction is that love IS all around you. Call or message a friend you have not spoken to for a while. Look on-line for friendship and community groups specifically set up to combat isolation. Making connections is what the Now Age is all about.

Also, know the world does need you. Your unique soul, energy, vibe, love, kindness, talents, contribution. There is only one you. This week tells you that in the Now Age, you don’t have to wait for love to arrive. It’s here. You just have to put your hand up so it can find you. Love is the answer – and in the alternatives this week.

In a nutshell: Venus in Aquarius this week wants us to embrace alternative kinds of love. The love of friends, a shared group experience or cause for instance. This week says love takes so many forms. And is all around us.

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