Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 1st 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 1st 2021

Monday March 1, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Moon in relating Libra trine Jupiter in inclusive Aquarius

What’s in Store: Universal love 60’s style. We’ll be seeking out others who are on the same page as us. It’s not so much about that one special person as friends, groups and co-creators of dreams.

Use This Energy: To catch up with people you know. If not in person then via messaging, Zoom, facetime – any way you can. Build a vision board. This is open, tolerant energy that says everyone’s invited. Join in.

Avoid: Jumping to conclusions and judging people. Ivory tower thinking.

Tuesday March 2, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Juno planet of commitment and marriage in free-spirted Sagittarius square dreamy Neptune in Pisces

What’s in Store: Maybe you’ve no problem with commitment at all. Maybe you just need a fellow free-spirit to run with? However, if you’ve placed your partner on a pedestal, they may come crashing down now.

Use This Energy: Be honest about what it is you want from any relationship. And if someone doesn’t want the same, respect that but don’t waste your time – or theirs.

Avoid: Promises you can’t keep. Not asking someone what they want but assuming it instead.

Wednesday March 3, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Venus linking us all to higher love sextile Uranus in earthy Taurus – Venus’s ruling sign.

What’s in Store: Big revelations around what really matters to us today. What money can and can’t buy us. The Beatles said it: Can’t buy me love.

Use this Energy: To connect to soul values. What you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for or over. What is literally ‘priceless’ for you. Usually this is nothing to do with money or possessions.

Avoid: Defining yourself by labels or what you earn or own. Undervaluing yourself.

Thursday March 4, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Confident, assertive Mars arrives in Gemini – sign of ideas and communication.

What’s in Store: Push forward with those ideas. This isn’t about talking a good game, it’s about bringing it. Words have passion and persuasion today. Harness the power of your convictions.

Use this Energy: If you have something to say, say it. If you have an idea – act on it. Apply for that job, call that client, make your pitch. When it comes to sharing feelings, you won’t let worries about how others may respond get in the way of openness and honesty.

Avoid: Yada, yada, yada. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words. If you say you are going to do something – follow through.

Friday March 5, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Mercury meets Jupiter for the third time in goal-getting Aquarius

What’s in Store: Opportunities, solutions, wishes and dreams could come within reach. Something that has swung back and forth since the end of January could now come to a stunning conclusion.

Use this Energy: Go for it! If something returns now, don’t hesitate. Just say ‘Yes’. Keep in mind that sometimes opportunity doesn’t look quite how we thought it would. It’s different – but better.

Avoid: Staying in your comfort zone. That includes your couch and that boxset.

Saturday March 6, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Moon in adventurous Sagittarius sextile Jupiter, ruler of Sag in no-limits Aquarius

What’s in Store: Luck and emotional freedom are yours if you take a chance. There’s the promise of release into something far bigger. Big up those expectations for wish fulfilment.

Use this Energy: Explore alternative routes to your dreams. Who or what you encounter on the way may surprise you.

Avoid: Holding yourself back with limiting or negative self-talk.

Sunday March 7, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Moon in aspirational Capricorn trine electrifying Uranus in pragmatic Taurus.

What’s in Store: Time to look at your definition of success. Is it yours or someone else’s idea of what a successful human being is to preface Derek Zoolander? We’re all being asked to write our own individual success stories now.

Use this Energy: There is only one person’s idea of ‘making it’ you have to aspire to. And that’s yours. Don’t be afraid to carve your own path to the top. Whatever that looks like for you. Especially if emotional satisfaction is your ultimate career-take out.

Avoid: Becoming the square peg in the round hole. Conforming to someone else’s idea of who you should be.

Mar 1 2021 Moon in Libra Trine Jupiter in Aquarius (Libra to Aquarius)

Mar 2 2021 Juno in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces (Sagittarius to Pisces)

Mar 3 2021 Venus in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus (Pisces to Taurus)

Mar 4 2021 Sun in Pisces Opposition Vesta in Virgo (Pisces to Virgo)

Mar 4 2021 Mars enters Gemini (Gemini)

Mar 5 2021 Mercury Conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (Aquarius)

Mar 6 2021 Moon in Sagittarius Sextile Jupiter in Aquarius (Sagittarius to Aquarius)

Mar 7 2021 Moon in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus (Capricorn to Taurus)