Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 22nd 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast March 22nd 2021

Monday March 22, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Mars in Gemini asks Saturn in Aquarius just where things stand.

What’s in Store: Time for an accounting on some level. No more talking, time to make good on your word. Or just forget about it.

Use this Energy: If you want something – simply ask for it. Especially if you feel you have been strung along by excuses or delaying tactics. Setting yourself deadlines brings you the results you’re seeking.

Avoid: Not tackling something head-on because you think the answer may be ‘No’. If it is, it was always going to be. Better to know.

Tuesday March 23, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

What’s in Store: Take that intuitive step now. Today’s Moon wants us to appreciate there is more than one kind of power.

Use this Energy: Fuse insight and practicality when it comes to career matters. If dealing with anyone who triggers themes of power, manipulation or control, remain calm. Emotional energy is what they get off on.

Avoid: Giving in to emotional blackmail over fear of being alone.

Wednesday March 24, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Mercury links to spiritual truths in Pisces. Mars in Gemini isn’t keeping silent.

What’s in Store: Just the facts, ma’am. No matter how deep the truth may be buried, it just can’t help escaping now.

Use this Energy: A little psychic detective work pays off. This is an excellent day for any kind of research. Or getting to the bottom of something. It may come to light in a totally unexpected way.

Avoid: Confiding in anyone who won’t keep it in the vault.

Thursday March 25, 2021

Your Main Vibe: Today’s Moon in Leo shines on what makes you feel special. Jupiter hands you the opportunity to feel just that.

What’s in Store: Get your glamazon on! Time to be selfie-ready and find yourself in the spotlight in some way. A fab day to act and feel like the star of your own show (you are and this is!).

Use this Energy: A great day to attract. Jupiter tells you what you are seeking is linked to who you know, being seen and putting yourself out there. Look and feel your best even if staying home. All the world’s a stage – even your lounge room.

Avoid: Hiding yourself away.

Friday March 26, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Sun and Venus together in Aries mark a new beginning.

What’s in Store: Self-initiated fresh starts are fuelled with self-love and confidence. If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Use this Energy: To launch or begin something now. Above all, do it with self-belief. Just taking that first step brings new factors in. Or a new source of income or romantic interest for some.

Avoid: Stagnation. It’s the opposite of evolution and where love goes to die.

Saturday March 27, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The Moon in analytical Virgo wants us to examine the facts. Being informed forms a winning argument with Mars.

What to Expect: Getting emotional won’t get you anywhere. And is likely to see you misunderstood.

Use this Energy: Sticking to the facts or remaining calm is your best strategy. If you aren’t certain or think you may lose your cool, better to say nothing.

Avoid: Anyone determined to pick a fight or who accuses you of being ‘over-emotional’.

Sunday March 28, 2021

Your Main Vibe: The full Moon in Libra opposes Venus in Aries, Libra’s ruling planet. Love finds a way once more.

What to Expect: If there have been disagreements lately, today’s the day to kiss and make-up. We can share our thoughts today without feeling our vulnerability is going to be taken advantage of.

Use this Energy: A wonderful night for date night or for telling someone how you feel. Or just to get together with friends to share conversation and wine over Zoom. Open your heart any way you can.

Avoid: Dwelling on past hurts or lost loves.

Mar 22 2021 Mars in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius (Gemini to Aquarius)

Mar 23 2021 Moon in Cancer Opposition Pluto in Capricorn (Canner to Capricorn)

Mar 24 2021 Mercury in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini (Pisces to Gemini)

Mar 25 2021 Moon in Leo Opposition Jupiter in Aquarius (Leo to Aquarius)

Mar 26 2021 Sun Conjunct Venus in Aries (Aries)

Mar 27 2021 Moon in Virgo Square Mars in Gemini (Virgo to Gemini)

Mar 28 2021 Full Moon in Libra (Libra)

Mar 28 2021 Full Moon in Libra opposition Venus in Aries (Libra to Aries)