Full Pink Super Moon in Scorpio – Intense!

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Pink Super Moon in Scorpio
April 27th 2021

The Pink Super Moon may sound soft and fluffy, yet it’s anything but. Scorpio Full Moons shower us with intense emotions as they drag our true feelings to the surface. We become keenly aware of anything we’ve been burying. We can’t hide from our primal emotions now. Yet this is a perfect opportunity to embrace or transform them.

Full Moon opposite Uranus

Our Pink Moon is also opposite Uranus, the electrifying surpriser. Expect emotions to flare, especially if there are secret feelings of resentment, lust, jealousy, shame, or disempowerment. It’s helpful to focus on our resilience, magical, intuitive side, and commit to reclaiming our power.

Rise Baby Rise!

Let’s not forget, Scorpio energy is also the eagle, seeing our lives from a higher perspective, and the phoenix, grabbing our power and rising from the flames, reborn.

Oh, and it’s also the first Super Moon of the year, giving the cosmic message much more poke.