The Power of Your Truth: Ceres in Gemini

The Power of Your Truth: Ceres in Gemini July 2021 – December 21

By our astrologer Elena

Time for a little truth-saying as Ceres arrives in quicksilver Gemini on July. This is all about our truth and how we choose to share and communicate it. And what happens when we don’t. If you’re ready to explore the power of your ideas, of words, writing, speaking, learning, business and the internet, Ceres opens doors to new worlds and puts new deals on the table.

What’s the big idea?

Time to look at how you communicate and get who you are and what you say across. What’s your message? How do you convey or share this? What are you selling? What story are you telling? Gemini and the 3rd house rules our neighbourhood. And also the internet. So, think of this as the ultimate ‘Think local, send it global’ mix. In other words, no matter where you are – your lounge, your classroom or your office, in today’s world, you have that global reach at the click of a ‘share’ button.

Ceres rules deals and win/wins. When it arrives in Gemini on July 31 2021 it tells us time to talk, write and above all, share. Our ideas, visions, message, skills, pitch, proposal or product. On simply what’s on our mind. Because Ceres is all about much needed conversations when its in Gemini.

If you have fallen out recently with a neighbour or even a sibling, Ceres in Gemini gets the peace talks happening. Ceres will enable you to find the common ground to move forward.

Designers, writers, teachers, photographers and anyone with a side hustle or bright idea benefit from Ceres in here. You may discover new audiences or markets for instance. Or new ways to promote yourself, your idea, brand or service. If you are seeking employment, Ceres adds a touch of something special to that CV or resume. It enables you to convey all you have to offer – but also highlight how this will benefit that potential employer in turn. That’s your win/win sweet spot.

If you have been nurturing that idea – now is the time to test its wings. Ceres will leave you open to constructive feedback and allows for fine-tuning. If you parked an idea on the back burner, Ceres can resurrect it and show you if it still has merit. If not, be prepared for something new to arise out of the ashes of the old idea.

Honouring Ceres

Ceres in intensely powerful. If you remember your mythology, Ceres and son-in-law Pluto were locked in an epic power-struggle over Ceres’ daughter, Proserpina. This was only resolved when Jupiter stepped in – hence the association with win/win situations and also seasons. Ceres is therefore linked to highs and lows in our lives. And with mother issues too.

When we feel we cannot express our ideas or our truth – or if we do and someone simply isn’t listening, this can lead to deadlocks and also depression. Especially if we are the ones trying the direct approach and the other party is say, applying a default of passive/aggressive behaviour or emotional blackmail. For some of us now, our healing journey may revolve around looking at whether we feel we are able to state up front what we need from others (powerful Ceres), or if we feel we need to resort to subterfuge or manipulation to get it (destroying, blackmailing Ceres). And also what happens when we feel no matter what we are doing, we cannot get the change we want (depression).

For the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, these kinds of issues may (re) surface now. As always, if you are experiencing depression over any issue, your doctor is your first and best resource. If you are feeling disempowered, and that you have to resort to covert ways to get your way, Ceres in Gemini can show you who or where this behaviour stems from – and hand you the tools to reach for an alternative. Often this kind of behaviour is learned. Usually from childhood. Ceres can now say ‘How’s that working out for you?’ and show you a better way. Whether its in the way you go about telling people what you want or need or in the way you respond to others.

Very often its not what we say but how we say it. So, if you are in a deadlock, consider the language you are using. Sometimes all we need do to get the result we are after, is change the words we are using. Now, that’s working your Ceres!

The seeds we plant now in writing, learning, applications, that blog or YouTube channel, your social media feed, what you share – designs, photography, ideas – are all the seeds of new growth now. Especially when they come from our truth. It’s how we think, see the world, communicate and feel. So, have that conversation or start one. Plant seeds of honestly and directness in your relationships. Be open to new ideas and other’s points of view. You don’t have to agree – but you can be open minded. What follows can be agreements, deals, fresh understanding and a learning experience for everyone. Plant those ideas as we head into August. There’s a harvest ahead.