Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 23rd 2021 

Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 23rd 2021 

It’s a whole new world – order 

Begin again – but better 

Stand by what you love 

With all the outer planets retrograde now we are looking this week at major shifts around our ideas and thinking. Re-writing not just the stars but what we believe individually and as a collective. 

Begin the world again – but better 

Ceres meeting with the North Node in Gemini this week could see one cycle come full circle with a new long term one opening up new potentials and ideas for a new world. Look back 19 years – to 2002 and then back again to 1983. What repeats or comes full circle? We’ve an opportunity to take what we have learned from our past – collectively and individually, and use this to create something new and better this time around. 

Mercury’s opposition to Neptune on the 25th shows us how to apply inspiration for practical results. Both planets are in their ruling signs. The start of the week hands us a trine between Venus in ruling Libra and Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius so again, both planets are in their ruling signs. That’s a lot of discussion happening in the heavens. With all of these planets in their ruling domains. 

So, changes to our thoughts, around the establishment, those at the top and our ideas around sharing and how things should be run from here on in, ripple down and could bring benefits to all of us. Also, shake ups and shake downs remove what is rigid and self-serving and replace it with something more flexible and which benefits not just a few but all of us. What rising out of the old this week could literally offer long term solutions to anything that has been inclusive or unfair for far too long. The trine between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn points to everyday benefits and more flexibility in our daily lives. 

More than money can buy 

Venus opposes Chiron on the 26th and this is all about radical love choices. This includes self-love and working love – in other words, loving our work on the same day as the Mercury/Pluto trine takes place. Do you need to take a radical step towards what really works for you? Quincunxes bring tension between energies that are opposite. But within this is the capacity for a transformation like no other. That is if we step up and embrace the energy rather than trying to run from it or ignore it. 

Venus makes a quincunx to the Moon and Uranus conjunct in Taurus on the 28th. What makes this quincunx slightly different from others is that this is Venus’s other ruling sign. There’s a disconnect but there is also a resonance too. It’s about our values. Where we stop and start in the name of love. What we will and won’t compromise, sacrifice or ‘sell out’ over.  

This can revolve around a person, a job, possessions (which Taurus rules), our money or something intangible but nonetheless valuable such as our time or a principle. This is asking us not to back down over something which will make us feel less or lost if we do. Something more than money can buy in other words. Only we know what that is. This transit may test this. For more on this, see your forecast for your sign. Stand by what you know money can’t buy you this week. 

In a nutshell: This week hands us all the opportunity to re-make our world – but better. When it comes to what truly matters, we need to stand by that. It’s about more than what money can buy. Some things like our souls, just aren’t for sale.