Venus in Libra – Listen with your Heart


Venus in Libra – Listen with your Heart

By our astrologer and psychic Elena

And there are voices that want to be heard
So much to mention but you can’t find the words
The scent of magic, the beauty that’s been (beauty that’s been)
When love was wilder than the wind

Listen to your Heart, Roxette

Since 16th August 2021, Venus has been in its ruling sign of Libra. This is like an early birthday gift for all of us but especially all the Librans and Libra-risings out there. Partnerships of all descriptions – past, present or potential, are in focus and get enhanced and entranced by Venus’s extra special blend of glamour, romance and mutual understanding and desire.

Also in focus – reconciliations, diplomatic solutions, a better balance, sensuality, beauty, glamour, art for art’s sake, creativity, coming together and above all – tuning in and listening to not just what our own hearts are saying but sincerely wanting to know how others feel too.

Venus in here says don’t avoid talking about relationship issues. That the way to balance and lasting partnerships is through opening our hearts and laying our cards (and our feelings) on the table and inviting others to do the same. We may think avoiding doing this is the right (read peace-keeping or loving) thing to do. But it actually isn’t.

Venus in Libra – whether we have Libra factors or not in our charts, is one of the best times of the year to go in search of that perfect partner. And by ‘perfect’ understand I mean ‘perfect for us right now’. And again, this also includes listening to our hearts when it comes to what we are looking for. And being honest about it. So, be honest and upfront if you are looking for something long term. And listen with your heart to what the other party is saying they want too.

Your Tarot Cards for Venus in Libra

As we are talking the sign of partnerships and its ruler isn’t it fitting that this transit gets TWO cards?

The card of Justice is usually associated with Libra due to the sign of the scales. But Venus in the Tarot is depicted by the card of The Empress. So, what we say is that each card takes on characteristics of the other one.

If you’re ready take both cards out of your deck and lay them side by side. Both figures wear a crown. The Empress one of stars. Justice a simpler one. Justice’s robes are more utilitarian but often shows with green accents – green is the colour associated with Venus. Justice sits within a chamber, The Empress on a throne in a lush, fertile landscape – a link to Venus’s other ruling sign of Taurus.

Look to all the similarities of these cards and then the qualities one has that the other lacks. List these – as many as you can think of or that the cards suggest to you. Remember, Tarot interpretation and even astrology is more than just traditional interpretation of the cards or a transit. Where it comes alive is when we bring what our own hearts and insights are telling us into it. This is when it truly begins working for us. So, don’t censor the process by saying ‘That’s not right’. The answer is – its right for you.

One question that may come through from this exercise is that is it time to put down the sword? Are you defensive Justice with the sword up at the ready waiting to have to do battle? Is the mistrust you are carrying brought about by past hurts or betrayals keeping love or other opportunities away from you? The Empress doesn’t need to rule by the sword. She rules by the heart. The combination of these two cards could be telling you its safe to do that now.

The message the combined energy of these cards has for us allows us to make the most of this transit. It allows us to not only listen to our hearts, but to come from their truth again if that process got interrupted. Love rules and justice prevails on a soul level now Venus is in Libra!