The Moon Wobble and the Nodes: Fate gets Shaken and Stirred


The Moon Wobble and the Nodes: Fate gets Shaken and Stirred

By our fabulous astrologer Elena

Yes, it’s official. Even NASA is talking about the Moon Wobble and the effect it is going to have on our weather. So no, this isn’t something only astrologers know about. So, just what is it exactly? Just like any other cosmic phenomenon, it’s a cycle. Approximately every 18.6 years the Moon fluctuates on its orbit. Astronomers and astrologers have been observing this since 1728. And what we’ve also observed in all the ‘wobbly’ lunar cycles since is that these periods coincide with extreme tides and flooding. What makes this new Wobble cycle different is climate change as it is likely to increase the effects with storms, higher tides and greater risks of flooding in low-lying coastal areas. That beach front property? Not such a great investment in Moon Wobble weather.

Rinse and Repeat

Astrology works because we can look at what happened during past cycles to predict what will happen when they occur in the future. Past Wobble cycles coincided with the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. If you also understand the Nodal cycles you know that these work in 19 year periods too and rule fate and karma. So, both the Moon Wobble periods and Nodal cycles take approximately the same time. And its by understanding how both work in tandem that we can track extreme Moon Wobble periods and make predictions around them.

Square the Nodes

So, for extreme Moon Wobble events to occur, we are looking at the Moon making a tense angle – in this case a square, to the Nodal Axis. The Nodes move backwards through the signs and take approximately two years to go through each sign. Not every full Moon or eclipse we have during a Moon Wobble period is going to impact on the Nodes. Plus the Moon has to be at an exact phase and degree to trigger an event. In other words, new, quarter or full with eclipses and Supermoons being the most highly charged. If however an outer planet is in orb of the Node or the Moon at the time, this increases the likelihood of this happening.

Fixed Signs Squaring

The North Node will remain in the sign of Gemini until early 2022 when it will enter Taurus. So, what we will be looking at from that point on will be lunar events which conjunct or square the Node in the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. At the time of writing this, the Node is in Gemini and we have a last quarter Moon in that sign on August 30, 2021 conjunct it, as Hurricane Ida a Category 4 storm, heads towards New Orleans.


For 2022, the first event to hit the Node is the eclipse on May 16 in Scorpio which will fall close to the nodal axis. And the next the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12. The biggest one for ‘22 will be the total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8 which again occurs within a 3 degree orb of the Node. These are dates to watch in terms of extreme weather, earthquakes, storms or even events around what we think of as our emotional safety as in we feel we are under ‘attack’ in a way which hits close to home. It is worth pointing out that 9/11 occurred just prior to a Moon Wobble.

What goes around comes around!

As the Nodes are connected to karma, this is about ‘What goes around, comes around’. With the North Node in Taurus we are talking about the physical world and environment as well as the financial and material world. The South Node is in Scorpio – the ‘other’ money house and also the sign of rebirth and transformation as well as our fears and the underworld. So, earthquakes, eruptions and weather events set in karmic motion by climate change which impact in turn not just on our physical environment, but the financial and business markets. But which within them, contain the potential for change and rebirth.

Emotional Wobbles

On a personal level, the Moon rules our emotions. So, during Wobble weather we may feel just that. More unsure, sensitive and seeking reassurance. We may not know where we stand with others. And above all, we can mistake feelings for facts as our intuition is affected which the Moon also rules. Wobble weather tells us to be honest about how we feel. To ask for what we need. And also, if we pick up on another’s ‘wobbly’ vibe, not to jump to conclusions about it. To gently question them about what’s going on and not to automatically assume it’s about us because our own wobble is making us feel insecure. It may be. But we don’t know until we ask. And we certainly can’t fix it until we do.

So, looked at one way – NASA is using astrology to predict stormy weather ahead.  How’s that for a wobble?

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