Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 20th 2021

full moon in pisces

Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 20th 2021

Ask and answers will be given

Weave a little full Moon magic

Happy birthday, Libra!

Gods and gurus, magic and mysticism, secrets and spiritual truths, religion and revelation, inner wisdom and intuition, the past influencing the present. This week’s full Moon in Pisces on the 20th opens a door to knowing and connectivity to the multiverse. If we are open and willing to step through that is.

The luminosity of this full Moon lights the paths to places we may not have known existed. Where answers reside and also we finally see things how they are – not how we would like them to be. Of course, not everyone is able to open their eyes and their minds to this kind of revelation. We may instead take refuge back in denial or delusion. But this full Moon shows us the truth is out there – and the path to it if we want to take it.

Tarot, mediumship, religion, your belief in a higher power or purpose – the pieces of the puzzle can fall into place this week. If we truly want answers, we’ll be given them. This full Moon is one for going within, meditating, journaling, asking for guidance or even undertaking counselling, therapy or any kind of healing. A watershed moment can then occur as healing floods in. Others receive confirmation that ‘gut’ feeling you’ve had for some time is correct. And now understand they should never tune out that inner voice again.

Emerge from this empowered and with a desire to help others with any insights you’ve gained. This is one of the most self-less full Moons of the year. Our empathy for others is highly attuned. Allow your compassion to flow.

If we are willing to seek out the truth, this week promises release from old karma patterns and on into a new cycle where we can mint ourselves some shiny new karma in the process. Know what is most valuable to you as Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. And hold that position.

Get a new kind of balancing act

This week sees the Sun arrive in Libra and the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern. It’s a time of balance – when day and night are equal. And when we can balance those karmic scales thanks to Mars and the Sun in Libra trine the North Node in Gemini. Birthday sign Libra begins an important 19 year cycle now. And the rest of us depending on our ages may see something come full circle or release karma to begin something new. Possibly involving another person. A past, present or potential partner. Or even a situation that has kept repeating.

The key to the beginning and the end of something is to go within and see every person, event or experience as making up part of the miracle of our lives. Take some time out this week to look at the big picture that is your life, your work, your relationships. Once you see the pattern, you become the co-creator of it instead of seeing it all as something that just ‘happens’ to you. Weave a little full Moon magic this week.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon weaves a special kind of magic illuminating what we need to know if we are open to the truth. The result is a better balance and a new long term cycle begins as the Sun arrives in Libra.

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