Your Mercury Retrograde in Libra Horoscopes

mercury in libra

Your Mercury in Libra retrograde Horoscopes

It’s our last Mercury retrograde of 2021 between September 27 and October 17. Don’t panic!  Mercury retrograde gets very bad PR. We tend to focus on the complications it can bring, miscommunication, fuzzy contracts, mistakes, and general mayhem. It’s a meme of doom on social media, but as with all astrology aspects, we can dig out the treasure.

Each Mercury retrograde is different, and this one is in Libra, so the focus is on partnerships, the balance in our lives, our inner harmony etc.
It’s a time to do a bit of soul work and check how we’re doing in those areas.

Avoiding Mercury Mayhem

With this pesky Mercury retro Square Pluto, we should avoid becoming obsessed with an outcome. Instead use the balancing power of Libra to find an equal, and satisfactory, compromise. If you find yourself going to extremes, take a pause and dig deeper into your emotions. Where are they  coming from? Is it fear or insecurity, rather than coming from a place of balance and power?

Hooray! The Good News

Luckily Jupiter is lending this retrograde a helping hand (the peak of which is October 3rd) and wants us to grow and be honest about our relationships. It talks to us about our independence in our close relationships with family, friends, or lovers. Do we give our power away when we have strong feelings? Do we express our authentic self? Thanks to Jupiter, there’s a gateway of possibility to unleash our true self .

What To Focus On


Aries soul work is around our integrity in our relationships and partnerships. Are we being honourable and honest? And that includes being honest with ourselves. Ex-lovers and temptations may appear. It’s important to own our part in any relationship issues, while also casting out anyone that causing constant disruption to our harmony.


Mercury is asking you to take a look back at your patterns around health and well-being. Also to examine how much commitment you have for your work.Are you where you want to be?  Avoid going to extremes .Instead look back to a time in your life when you felt fabulous and balanced. How can you reclaim that energy? What patterns and habits can you bring in to enhance your well being now?


There might be misunderstandings around people and experiences you feel passionate about. Try not to overreact but practice radical listening. When you’ve heard all the facts, you are empowered to act with confidence and right action.

Express your creativity as much as possible. Carry out a soul audit around your sensuality and general inspiration.How can you tweak it?  Has anything knocked you off balance? Look to the past for ways to increase your joy. Bring in habits that fulfil you.


Mercury might be messing with your home and family mojo. Avoid going over old ground or dragging up past arguments. Remember Mercury retro is messing with their mojo too, If it’s not serious give them some slack and some love. What would bring more harmony into your living space? If you’re still struggling with a family issue, take time out.


Check your communication as this Mercury retro can highlight imbalances in how you express yourself. I know, Leo is all about self expression, but are there any patterns that you need to change? Are you isolating yourself through proudly sticking to a point? A meaningful conversation with someone from the past could bring about significant change.


What you value and what you consider security is under the spotlight now. Have you been confused about what foundations to dig next? Is there a close connection that isn’t as committed as you?  Are you in two minds about a commitment you have made? As Mercury is your ruler life is particularly fuzzy for you, take it all in but don’t make any critical decisions yet.


With Mercury in your sign, this retro spins is a fairground ride of confusion AND possibility! You are likely going through a dramatic shake-up. You must be honest with yourself now. The focus has to be on your life path, your identity, and where you want to expand and explore next. Don’t expect others to understand you just yet, let the messages unfold, and then others should jump on board and support you.


Don’t confuse delicious fantasies with reality. Your boundaries are very blurred right now, and that stunning intuition of yours could tip into paranoia. However, if you can tread the fine line between the two, you will unearth hidden truths and sniff out misinformation or deception. A past life connection could reenter your life or a love affair that didn’t entirely take off pick up where it left off.


Mercury retro shines a light on your friendships, collaborations, and all things team. Group experiences might spark a few conflicts. If you’ve been doing more than your bit in a group, you aren’t going to put up with it anymore. You suddenly see how much more expansive things can be. Old friends could get in touch, and a reunion is on the cards,  but don’t go if you don’t want to.


Retrograde-provoked work conflicts might feel frustrating. However, they might also poke you enough to think about changing your career or shaking things up. Mercury retrograde is a time for observing, not acting. Don’t do anything rash or drastic around your career as it might be a misunderstanding. Trust your instincts; look for an opportunity connected to your past.


You feel an overwhelming desire to travel, explore, learn and adventure. Watch out though, as Mercury could bring snafus, chaos and delays. Plan your journeys carefully and leave well in advance. If plans change, be flexible and open. Jupiter, your ruler, is lending you a helping hand and is likely to bring you experiences beyond your expectations.


Special Pisces, you might find yourself swimming in deeper oceans than you’re comfortable with. Mercury is pressing your primal buttons. Obsession, power, money, past wounds, and sexuality are potentially featured. Remember, you are not your past, and anything that rises to meet you faces a more powerful soul. If an ex rocks up, you are ready. If you find yourself feeling powerless, you can deal with it in a new way.

Whatever happens this retrograde should deliver enlightenment and progress.

Much Love