Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 25th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 25th 2021

Work a little Halloween magic

Own every facet of you

Give yourself permission to be brave

Halloween week invites us all to weave some spooky love magic spells. There’s an intensity swirling around us this week. A mixture of wanting to fly that broomstick to the wild side. Of stepping off the edge into the unknown. Of discovering what’s on the ‘other side’ or beyond what we know. Of wanting to push boundaries, kick over taboos or simply leave that comfort zone for a while.

Weave that spell

So, this week, why not get a little daring. Mars lands in its ancient ruling sign of Scorpio telling us nowhere and nothing is ‘off limits’ now. Boundaries get pushed. Flings get flung. Spells are cast. Mars in here is at its most intense. It demands we find an outlet for our feelings. Above all, it asks we own them in all their dark beauty. Because without the darkness there is no light and in the parts of ourselves we deny lies our true strength.

Mars in here is all about the passion. When it comes to love, we need to feel it. This week also has Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in ruling Pisces. This is about the things we want to escape but actually need to face up to in order to do just that. Such as settling for so-so or not wanting to admit something is missing. Mars is ensuring we face up to this and then, do something about it.

This week may show us that we need to express what we feel. And that if we suppress this instead, it comes out anyway but in other ways. Self-sabotage or self-soothing but destructive behaviours. Sudden, inexplicable and out of character outbursts. All signs we are not magically living or speaking our truth.

You own it so work it

Mars says ditch labels like ‘bad’ and ‘negative’. There is just empowerment when we own what we feel. And often we need to understand we are justified for feeling the way we do. This is when we transform feelings into positive action. So, own what you feel and then follow through – honestly.

October 31st brings us a magical alignment between Venus and Juno in Sagittarius. Venus rules love and partnerships. Juno marriage, commitments and long-term promises. All of us this week need to look at whether our long-term connections give us the freedom to be ourselves and the ability to share our true feelings. Of course, this starts with self-acceptance within. That’s the true love magic on offer this week whether you are single or settled. Fall under its spell.

In a nutshell: Fire up that broomstick and set your course towards passion and owning every magical facet of who you are. Without darkness there is no light. And both are equally beautiful. In your true feelings lies your power. Release your potential this Halloween!

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