Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 1st 2021

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Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 1st 2021

Your truth opens the way to empowered change

Build on what you’ve begun

Allow others into your inner world

If you’ve already read the monthly general forecast for November plus your personal forecast for your sign then you already know that this week links us back to something which began or was in focus around the start of the second week of September. So, as November arrives, do take a moment to look back at the themes you might have been dealing with around work, study, wellbeing and your routine. They may be back now but in surprising ways.

You may adjust or put finishing touches to what you started back then. Or dare I say it – if you were attempting a new lifestyle regimen (I will not use the term ‘diet’ here as it is loaded with too much pressure and negative connotations), and have fallen off the wagon, this week can allow you to reboot this without guilt, self-blame or in a more holistic and above all, realistic way. Just be aware there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution in these areas. It always is and should be, individually tailored. And often the only way we discover what suits us is to try on a few things that don’t fit first.

This is what the new Supermoon in Scorpio wants us to look at as it opposes Uranus in Taurus. And Mercury which rules all of the above clears retroshadow on the 2nd. New ideas and ways of thinking as well as the support of friends and communities – on line and off, are ours to tap into if we wish.

As this is a new Supermoon it is what I like to call an ‘invisible’ one. The power is there but we don’t see it. What this tells us all is we are more powerful than we realise when it comes to making and sticking to the changes we want to see in our lives. And also that these may be invisible at first – in other words they occur on the inside before we see the impact in our outer worlds. But like this new Moon – this is no small thing.

The 5th sees Venus take on serious ambitions in both love and worldly matters when it arrives in Capricorn. This tells us all to get serious about what it is we want. Mercury is on the move too on this day. Into birthday sign of Scorpio. Time to articulate those new beginnings or changes we’re making on a soul level around what we want, our values and also what is really going on with us emotionally.

Dive into emotional truth

What do we keep hidden and don’t acknowledge? If someone asks us if something is wrong do we tell them what we are feeling and own our emotional journey or do we dismiss their question with ‘Nothing’? Time to own what we want and what we feel in an authentic way. In fact, what we began in September may have represented the first step towards this. This week hands us all the ability to take the next one.

In a nutshell: The new Supermoon in Scorpio this week marks the start of Scorpio’s fresh cycle. But for all of us its an opportunity to own our feelings and share our truth. It’s letting others see the real ‘us’ that brings us the changes we’re seeking – permanently.

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