Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 8th 2021


Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 8th 2021

Talk leads to change

Embrace each and every part of yourself

Sharing is the new power

Endings, transformations, rebirths, resurrections and even upheavals could occur this week thanks to the meeting between Mercury and Mars in Mars’s ancient ruling sign of Scorpio on the 10th.

It’s important for all of us to understand the power of what we say and think. These are the tools of transformation and change. Both Mercury and Mars square Saturn in Aquarius as they meet showing us how words have the power to change everything not only for us but for others. Saturn in the mix tempers the impulse to say it anyway. It gets us looking at what the long term repercussions of what we tell others could be. So, we end up choosing our words carefully as we appreciate the effect they can have.

Reality bites

This week also hands us the ability to bring about deep healing when we are willing to be honest about our fears and vulnerabilities. The Sun’s trine to Saturn is all about truth and no more masks or pretences. However, it also exposes deep fakes too. If someone has been withholding something or misleading us, pretending to be someone or something they are not, this transit exposes this. It goes deep to the heart of the truth. There’s no more pretending one way or another.

If we’re been in denial or deluding ourselves about a situation, then this week asks us to own that too. Sure, someone may have disappointed us, but chances are we ignored that small still voice within telling us things weren’t right. Or we had a chance to confront it but didn’t. Owning our own part in situations is all part of the honesty this week demands of us.

This week wants us to take a deep dive where we are usually reluctant to go. And bring treasure back to the surface. Priceless pearls of truth we can use to forge deep, authentic relationships and feel fully empowered in our own lives. Those pearls could simply be the values we operate under or the boundaries we need to put in. Or simply understanding that in what we see as fears and weakness in ourselves, lies our true strength when we confront them.

Mercury’s opposition to Uranus has us all frankly talking about what we’d usually shy away from mentioning. And happy to discover so many others feel the same way or simply appreciate where we’re coming from. The truth about us is there’s usually no judgement attached to it. Only empowerment and freedom when we share it. Sharing is the new power trip this week.

In a nutshell: Powerful aspects get us all talking and embracing the alchemy of sharing our truth. We’ll choose our words carefully this week as we come to appreciate the powerful changes they can set in motion. Sharing our deepest feelings transforms everything. Including our perspective.

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